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Epyllion’s CSR story showing how it ensures decent and safe work environment

Epyllion Group started its journey as a house of Readymade Garments (RMG), manufacturing and exporting knit apparels since 1994. It has the state of art vertically integrated garments manufacturing facility which ensures one-stop service to the buyers of Europe, USA, Asia and Africa.

Epyllion CSR achievements


Epyllion believes that CSR is a sustainable way of business management to execute the company’s commitment and responsibility towards the People (Employee and community), Planet (Natural environment) and the Profit (Economic development.

Epyllion Group has been implementing different actions through the fund of Epyllion Foundation keeping in mind to attain the SDGs adopted by the United Nations. Epyllion Foundation is the trust under Epyllion Group incepted on April 2011.

An Epyllion worker of expressed, “We are glad that the management of Epyllion is undertaking ethical business, appealing very good care of its main workforce. The amenities and assistances we receive from Epyllion stimulate our effort and ownership level for our quality work at a safe and decent work environment it has established.”

Good health and hell-being

With the full-time doctor including all equipment and the preventive health check-up camp for consecutive two years ensures a fit work life.

Health shield agreement with health service providers also assists for ensuring quality treatment to all levels of the staff at this Group. Since 2016, 4,500 community people were served with health services including eye surgery of 220 people.

Quality education

Epyllion Education KHEA

Education is the key of a developed nation. KHEA (Keen Hand for Educational Assistance) scholarship program and stipend are available for all employees with giving special consideration for the needy workers.

Our keen hands for those who are eagerly want to continue their study under any institution but they are unable for the financial shortage. Epyllion foundation already covered 830 students of PSC, JSC, SSC and HSC with BDT 7.6 million takas yearly.

Epyllion Foundation also takes the responsibility of the meritorious students under KHEA for their educational progress, career development including job placement.

Gender equality

Epyllion Group is always concern about equal opportunity for both male and female. In the total workforce, 68% is male and 32% is female.

Observation of International days like, International Women’s Day, World Diabetes day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and involvement of staff increasing awareness on gender equality in this society.

All employees are getting facilities under Gender Equality and Return (GEAR) program which is a promotion program for Operator to Supervisor. All staffs are benefited from Child Care room, newborn gift, nutrition allowance for expecting female employees and so on.

Decent work and economic growth

The Group always take initiative to establish employees’ rights as it believes employees come first.

Operative training and awareness program in-house and external continuously develop the efficiency level of the working people.

Best performers are rewarded with incentives on attendance, efficiency and productivity.

“To establish efficient and safe work environment, we give emphasis on health care and subsidy in health check-up, free transport, lunch, snacks, fair price shop, dormitory service, birthday celebration farewell program for all and so on,” said SM Nazmul Ahsan, Manager (CSR), Epyllion Group.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Innovative technological progress is also key to finding lasting solutions to both economic and environmental challenges, such as providing new jobs and promoting energy efficiency.

One of the RMG units of Epyllion Group is recognized as “Eco Factory standard”, LEED (Gold) certified and another RMG unit is going to be launched soon with projected LEED (Gold) certification.

Community development

With the aim to reduce inequalities community involvement and development by contributing to the victims of natural disaster is a common practice of CSR activities.

In 2012 to 2018, more than 17,500 pcs of winter wear and blankets are distributed among unprivileged person in northern districts.

Apart from winter, Epyllion Group extends its supportive affiliation in natural disaster including a flood in North Bengal, a landslide in Rangamati. More than 1950 families received financial assistance from Epyllion Group for their rehabilitation.

“We are also supporting unprivileged children of Prothom surjo Foundation with supporting all kind of livelihood support including education, equipment’s and health services,” said SM Nazmul Ahsan.

Climate action

With the association of Green Savers, Epyllion Foundation already arranged 39 events of ‘Sailor Green Savers Plant for Planet’ at different schools.

Epyllion Tree plantation

From 2015, 1200 waste drums are reused in this initiative involving more than 20,000 stakeholders. Approximately 10,000 trees are planted at own factory premises, a project at various educational institutions as well as with the buyer, Marks and Spencer in Dhaka and Gazipur industrial zone.

To ensure a clean sustainable environment-friendly workplace with proper waste management from reusable and recyclable solid waste to treatable liquid effluent.

30% reduction in energy consumption, renewable energy, ZERO wastes to landfill, reduction in water consumption, environment conservation programs with buyers G-STAR, Zero Discharge Harmful Chemical Program with C&A, and another program with H&M, S.Oliver with the aim to reducing carbon footprint.

Partnerships to achieve the goal

Epyllion believes achieving the SDGs requires the partnership of governments, private sector, civil society and citizens alike to make sure we leave a better planet for future generations.

“We are building Corporate Responsibility Network-CRN to establish a knowledge hub, which will shape the landscape for organizations to integrate the sustainability movement into their processes,” said SM Nazmul Ahsan.

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