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ERCA displayed sustainable solutions for the textile industry at the ITMA 2019

ERCA, a group of chemical companies headquartered in northern Italy near Bergamo, has introduced its innovative and sustainable solutions for the textile industry at the ITMA 2019. ERCA, a 70 years old chemical company located in Italy, has been operating business worldwide. It has four sister concerns in Brazil, Turkey, China, and Poland, however, ERCA’s R&D is being done in Italy.

ERCA @ ITMA 2019
Figure: (Left to right) Heidrun Weiss, Lab Manager Textile BU; Fabio Locatelli, Business Manager, ERCA SPA; Arif Mohammad, Managing Director, Luminant D&A and Said Sabri, Export Manager.

As a chemical company, it always tries rigorously to be a green company and for its contribution to be the green ERCA achieve the first Italian chemical company certification by bluesign®.

ERCA the first manufacturer in the world to start a certification process for this new technology. Last year, ERCA started a new product called Revcol™.

Under the Revcol™ available solutions are:

  • Softeners
  • Emulsifiers
  • Detergents

Also ERCA’s polymer-based product Revecol™ LV-TS is used for polyester dying. It is an excellent dispersing, and leveling agent for standard and recycled PES dyeing with very good diffusion properties recommended for all articles in all discontinuous dying processes, even on high weight bobbins yarn and beam in critical shades. This product is under bluesign®.

The specialty of ERCA’s products is it is cost-effective than the other available market chemical solutions. At the same time, they require less amount of time. Also, its chemical solution works on all dyes families, meaning customers do not need to use any additional process.

ERCA’s expertise in textile processes, produce efficiency in the work cycles and meet the requirements set by the end-user. ERCA also provides optical brighteners, pretreatment and dyeing auxiliaries, dyes, finishes.

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