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“We expect to improve relationship with Bangladesh for creating more opportunity”

AMEC is the Spanish association of textile machinery manufacturers that is also a part of CEMATEX. CEMATEX is made by nine associations and AMEC is part of its ownership. There are 90 companies under AMEC, most of the companies are small and medium-size. Though small in size but all are flexible and customized the machinery for the clients. AMEC has 3100 employees with 600 million euros in turnover and most of the companies are sporting company.

Angela Lalatta, Head of Business Unit Presso, AMEC
Figure 1: Angela Lalatta, Head of Business Unit Presso, AMEC (Asociación de las Empresas Industriales Internacionalizadas).

Bangladesh is a very important market for Spanish companies. Many of the companies made joint-venture with Bangladeshi companies and started business.

Angela Lalatta, Head of Business Unit Presso, AMEC (Asociación de las Empresas Industriales Internacionalizadas) opened up many details about the Spanish association of textile machinery manufacturers in a conversation with Textile Today, at ITMA 2019 held in Fira de Barcelona.


Regarding innovation, at ITMA 2019 our member’s main focus is saving energy and water, – like for dying and wash, our innovation will need less eater – means they are focusing on sustainability. First of all, AMEC members when they design a machine make it in such a way that it is much faster and effective, means it consumes less water and energy.

The second point is, they try to be green. What does it mean? That we are using the concept of the circular economy- reusing some of the materials, also reusing the used water and using solar power.

The third point is, the world has changed a lot that means you not only have to be in contact with your supplier but also, with your clients. To do that we use new technology – generally, we call it industry 4.0 – in the end, all the value chain can communicate or can be up to date on the new innovations or to solve an issue if there is a failure in a machine or fabric.

Expectations at ITMA 2019

First of all, we expect that the exhibitors are happy for the organizations. The second point is, I hope all the organizations have made good business for not only the regular customers but for the newcomers also.

Also, we expect to improve the relationship with Bangladesh for creating more opportunity. We have heard that Bangladeshi engineers are very good and trained to adopt the machinery. In the end, we hope ITMA becomes a successful exhibition for everyone. And begin a new era of collaboration between Spain and Bangladesh.

Bangladesh market opportunity

Angela Lalatta, Textile Today
Figure 2: Angela Lalatta with Textile Today team.

We see the Bangladesh market as huge with high volume, which makes it very important. You need to set up cooperation with a Bangladeshi company to make a joint venture. Not only a Spanish venture alone but they have to find the right partner. The companies who are looking to implement new innovation and technology this could be the right partner.

It’s a great pleasure to be a host country for such a leading international exhibition. A good number of potential visitors and exhibitors came here and many business decisions and potential sales lead generated here, as we have seen. We appreciate more and more visitors from around the globe in ITMA Barcelona. However, some of the issues on the visa system raised from some countries.

Basically, CIMATEX and AMEC are private organizations and the visa system belong to the Spanish government. But, we tried to deal with this issue very sincerely, so, the visitors get visa easily for the exhibitions.

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