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Exporting wiping rags from cutting waste getting momentum

Due to the shifting of consumer behavior towards fast fashion, garments production and consumption has been increased considerably and leading to a higher amount of waste.

MMS Waste Trade Co
Figure 1: MMS Waste Trade Co. exports wiping rags of knit fabric, denim fabric etc.

It is difficult to say the exact figure but assumed that China has about 26 million tons of textile wastage, where Japan has about 1 million tons, and the USA has about 1.2 million tones. Being the 2nd largest garment exporter in the world, Bangladesh also produces a considerably large amount of waste.

In 2013, the knit fabric cutting wastage was 12,512 tons that reached 16,356 tons in 2017. It is expected that the amount of solid waste will be 43,000 tons in 2025.

The wastage not only comes from the garments producing stage but also arrives from after use of a product. So, this is now a global headache but some of the countries use 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) to manage this wastage. In the fashion waste management system i.e. landfilling, incineration or other processes are costly and not eco-friendly. Also, there are many limitations in many countries.

So, it is better to recycle and reuse mainly the cutting wastage than burning or landfilling them. In this regard, there are more than 100 medium to small companies exporting ‘wiping rags’ to many first world countries. The companies are also using digital business platforms like Alibaba for fetching customers.

MMS Waste Trade Co. is such a company located at Uttarkhan, Dhaka exports wiping rags of knit fabric, denim fabric etc. mostly to Japan, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Canada and also to USA, Spain, Thailand etc.

Mizanur Rahman, MMS Waste Trade Co
Figure 2: Md. Mizanur Rahman, Proprietor of MMS Waste Trade Co.

While talking with Md. Mizanur Rahman, Proprietor of MMS Waste Trade Co. was saying that he started this wiping rags exporting business back in 2008 on small scale, now his company alone is exporting about 75 tons wiping rags of different size and color.

“There is a huge demand for wiping rags in the first world countries and sometimes we cannot meet their demands. Though this business has huge potentiality for the country we are not getting proper support from the banks as well as government,” said Md. Mizanur Rahman, Proprietor of MMS Waste Trade Co.

He was also mentioning some problems like they cannot collect the cutting wastage from the factory directly, most of the time they get it as the third party which made the business difficult day by day. Also, the location is very much crucial for this type of business.

As Bangladesh produces a huge cutting wastage and if this kind of business gets proper support, it is possible to generate more revenue from this sector and this is also directly an environment-friendly business where a significant number of people can earn their livelihood.

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