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Fakhruddin Textile Mills, the pioneer of synthetic fabric dyeing in BD

The fashion trend is changing very rapidly with the concept of fast fashion and now consumers are accepting synthetic garment for both fashion and many functional aspects. Manufacturers are also changing their process and developing technologies to meet the consumer’s demand for synthetic garments area. With this succession, CHTC FONG’S INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED brought DYECOWIN, the revolutionary high-temperature dyeing machine with cutting-edge patented technology for modern synthetic fabrics. Fong’s and Pacific Associates Ltd. jointly organized an open house event on 21 April for newly launched DYECOWIN machine at Fakhruddin Textile Mills Ltd., a sister concern of URMI group. A DYECOWIN was installed at Fakhruddin Textile Mills on 4 January, 2018 as the testimony of their advancement in modern technology.

Figure 1: Distinguished guest from textile industry visited Fongs DYECOWIN machine at Fakhruddin Textile Mills Ltd.

The event was inaugurated by the welcome speech of Mr. Shahabuddin, Managing Director of Pacific Associates Ltd. The technical session described by Kenneth Chu, Fong’s sales manager of Bangladesh and Philippine. Md. Hafizur Rahman, Head of the Strategic Business Unit (Textile), Fakhruddin Textile Mills Ltd. received the crest from Fong’s as the first valuable customer of DYECOWIN in Bangladesh. Many textile experts of different factories actively participated in the event.

Mr. Shahabuddin, Managing Director of Pacific Associates Ltd handovers a crest to Mr. Hafizur Rahman, Head of Strategic Business Unit (Textile), Fakhruddin Textile Mills Ltd at Fongs seminar
Figure 2: Mr. Shahabuddin, Managing Director of Pacific Associates Ltd handovers a crest to Mr. Hafizur Rahman, Head of Strategic Business Unit (Textile), Fakhruddin Textile Mills Ltd at Fongs seminar.

Fakhruddin Textile Mills Ltd. is the pioneer of synthetic fabric dyeing in Bangladesh since it is established in 2002. It is also Oeko-Tex, GOTS, OCS and RCS certified knit composite industry. Increasing in annual turn-over shows that how promising they are to their business. In 2003 the turn-over was 6 million US dollars and now it is about 149 million US dollars.

Production units and capacity of FTML
Figure 3: Production units and capacity of FTML.

About 12% of total dyeing capacity of FTML is synthetic fabric dyeing and they have 17 high-temperature dyeing machines for that, among these, one is DYECOWIN single tube m/c, model DYECOWIN-1T60D. FTML’s main buyers are DECATHLON, TRITON, Tchibo, and Puma. Md. Hafizur Rahman said, “Our 25% annual turn-over comes from sports items and we are thinking of how to increase it.” In FTML, mainly 100% polyester and polyester-elastane blended (82% + 18%) fabric produced as per the buyer requirements.

FTML has an aerobic biological ETP with the capacity of 4,000  per day, rooftop solar panel, exhaust gas boiler, hot water module etc. from sustainability aspect. It has received many national and international award in the environmental performance and inclusive skill development category. The industry also actively participates in many CSR activities. FTML has more than 8,000 skilled manpower and all are working to take the industry next level of fruition.

DYECOWIN’s technology and feature

DYECOWIN has come with big concept and that is DYE + ECO + WIN means dyeing, economic and win-win. It is a major breakthrough in the long tube machine with lower liquor ratio (1:5). The roller less design of the m/c overcome the tangling problem against traditional machines, avoiding fabric surface defects such as scratch marks and shining marks caused by unsynchronized motion between nozzles and lifting rollers. Again the rectangular fabric transportation tube allows fabric to have free expansion and a smoother run along the channel thus reducing crease marks.

Effective unloading design:  The surface of the stainless steel roller is wrapped with polymer to increase lifting force and achieving an effective unloading operation.

High fabric speed: Fabric speed can reach up to 600m/min for light fabrics. This design also favors open width dyeing as no additional process is required. The patented stainless steel storage chamber is capable of increasing the loading capacity with the use of ‘CONJET’ nozzle.

Figure 4: Schemetic diagram of material passage in new DYECOWIN M/C.

This m/c is only recommended for synthetic and synthetic blended fabrics and not for any type of cotton or cotton blended fabrics. This m/c has three available models with different tubes and capacity.

Generally, during synthetic fabric dyeing some certain problems have arisen and Fong’s brought DYECOWIN as the solution of these problems. Mr. Ruhul Quddus, General Manager of FTML, shared his four months experience of DYECOWIN. He said, “Before we faced mainly four problems during synthetic fabric dyeing and these are yarn pull out, crease mark, shade matching problem and some mechanical problems. By this machine, we have overcome the problems goodly.”

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