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Fakir Fashion installed rooftop solar system to produce green energy

Leading apparel manufacturing company Fakir Fashion has installed a rooftop solar system to produce 462.44-kilowatt electricity in its Narayanganj’s Rupganj facility. This will greatly enhance the factory’s renewable energy capability.

Fakir K Nahid, Managing Director of Fakir Fashion officially launched the rooftop solar system at the factory.

Figure: The rooftop solar system will produce 462.44-kilowatt electricity in its Narayanganj’s Rupganj facility.

Nahid said, “Fakir Fashion is committed to producing electricity from renewable sources to cut production cost and save the environment. And global brands are also encouraging garment factories to reduce carbon emission.”

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“My company wants to increase the production to 2 megawatts from the current 462.44 kilowatts in the near future if the outcome from this project is satisfactory,” Fakir K Nahid continued.

“Fakir is setting an example to others to go for renewable energy,” Abdullah Al Maher, CEO of Fakir Fashion.

“Fakir is setting an example to others to go for renewable energy.”

Abdullah Al Maher, CEO, Fakir Fashion

Maher added, “The current 462-KW project was equivalent to planting 15,345 trees a year.”

Omera Solar, a subsidiary of East Coast Group, has installed the rooftop solar system.


Masudur Rahim, CEO, East Coast Group said, “Omera Solar has targeted to produce at least 50 megawatts of electricity from rooftop solar systems for industries of the country by 2021-22 fiscal year.”

At the event, global brands from Europe and the USA including H&M, C&A and Inditex sent congratulatory messages to Fakir Fashion for switching to green technology for power generation.

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