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Fardin Fashion, being ‘Textile Today Associates’ announces to offer innovations in all over print and fabrics solution

Fardin Fashion Ltd – a concern of FGF Group – an up-and-coming company having the most diversified knowledge in textile all-over printing, has joined hand with Textile Today Innovation Hub.

A memento handover ceremony was held at its office premise where veteran Eng. Md. Sohel Yousuf, Chairman & CEO, Fardin Fashion Ltd received the memento from A.S.M Tareq Amin, Founder & CEO of Textile Today for his contributions towards Textile Today Innovation Hub as Associates.

Figure 1: Eng. Md. Sohel Yousuf, Chairman & CEO, Fardin Fashion Ltd received the memento from A.S.M Tareq Amin, Founder & CEO of Textile Today for his contributions towards Textile Today Innovation Hub as Associates.

Fardin Fashion Ltd has already differentiated itself among others with its one-stop all-over print and fabrics solution. The company has assimilated a vastly experienced team to ensure seamless customer service.

Visionary leader Sohel Yousuf started his job in Yong International as Dyeing & Printing In-Charge. He has versatile experience in working in the leading companies including Intramex Group as Head of Marketing (Textile), Unifill Group as Head of Marketing – DGM (AOP & Knit), Sim Group as Corporate GM (Knit Division).

Sohel Yousuf highlighted the fact of having a strong R&D and marketing team for making a strong market presence.

Emphasizing capturing the market he said, “It is invaluable to have an excellent design team to produce the trendy designs while an influential marketing team will give an extra advantage in this competitive global apparel market.”

Yousuf shared a unique way of handling buyers in all-over printing, adding that, “making an all-over printing sample is quite expensive. As an experienced campaigner, we understand our longtime buyers and prefer to develop samples for them. Generally, 80 to 90% of samples are accepted. Thanks to our excellent design team.”

Yousuf added, “Short lead-time is a prerequisite in the whole textile and apparel supply chain. Our design team works 24/7 in two shifts to ensure that buyers get samples on time. We are striving to deliver our design sample lead-time within 8 hours.”

“Quick sample delivery satisfies the buyers a lot. They even overlook some minor color issues due to rapid delivery and accept it.”

Figure 2: Textile Today and Fardin Fashion Ltd team were present on the occasion.

Yousuf also shared his method of dealing with comparatively new customers. He said, “As for new customers, we develop design artwork and send it online for their confirmation. And once we get confirmation, then we go for production. Thus we ensure that our buyers feel at ease.”

Tareq Amin highlighted the need for ‘Textile Today Innovation Hub.’ He said, “The whole industry is doing exceptionally well in terms of accumulating new innovations. Textile Today Innovation Hub inter-connects the experts, best practices, ideas, etc. to disperse the groundbreaking practices within the textile community which gives leverage to the overall industry at the end of the day.”

Fardin Fashion Ltd has 2 rotary printing m/c (Zimmer-Austria), one Flatbed printing m/c (Kuiel-Korea), 2 stenter, 1 compacting, 1 digital Printing m/c, 1 sublimation all over printing m/c & all modern facilities for design and print. Currently total capacity is 3 million meters per month.

By collaborating with Fardin Fashion Ltd, the ‘Textile Today Innovation Hub’ will expand to a larger scale. Textile Today Innovation Hub is working on various industry projects regularly to find solutions. As an innovation hub, it regularly supports, facilitates, innovates, and enhances factory suppliers, suppliers, professionals, apprentices, etc. factory suppliers, suppliers, professionals, learning, etc.

Fardin Fashion Ltd. believes that the industry will experience a new change in the manufacturing process, strategy and sustainable development that would be brought by the Textile Today Innovation Hub.

Becoming a part of this ‘Innovation Hub’ Textile Today Associates will not only aid the platform work effectively but also enable partners to place the platform’s knowledge, communication, and networking advantage on the market as their innovation-driven business.

Among others S M Shaheen, Managing Director; Md. Abdulla-Al-Mamun, Director (Marketing & Merchandising), Fardin Fashion Ltd.; Md. Eousup Novee, GM- HR & Strategy; Amzad Hossain Monir, Head of Business Development, Textile Today were resent in the event.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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