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Fashion and accessories trends showcased at HKFW

HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter has offered opportunities to strengthen relationships with existing buyers, seek new buyers, explore new markets and promote company and brand image and more importantly has showcased clear trends of the coming fall and winter season. As branding becomes more and more important in today’s business environment, so HKTDC World Boutique and Fashion Week for Fall/Winter, Hong Kong continues to extend its influence which has been clearly represented in the show on 16-19 January 2012.

The 43rd edition of Hong Kong fashion week and 10th edition of World Boutique show was held concurrently at the same venue, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The basic mass merchandise has been featured in the “Garment Mart” and “World of Fashion Accessories”.  The Fashion Gallery set up to feature the high fashion from Hong Kong and overseas. Emporium de Mode was aunique premium section dedicated to present stylish and distinctive garments in an elegant setting. Under special products zones there were separate area for Denim Arcade; Handbags Select; Intimate & Swim Wear; Bridal & Evening Wear; Infant & Children’s Wear; Fabrics & Yarn; Sewing Supplies; Salon of Scarves & Shawls; Trade Services.

The fashion week and boutique show was on the basis of two motivations:

Taking the designer, buyer and exhibitors together:

Quite simply, it is the Asia’s biggest fashion event – Around 1,900 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions displayed the latest fashion in apparels and accessories at this year’s Fashion Week and over 1,700 exhibitors from 23 countries and regions already know the power of the event, having taken part in the 2011 edition, including representatives from the Chinese mainland, India, Japan, Macau and Taiwan in group pavilions.

It will work as a Zone of influence:

The 43rd edition of the fair, showcased fashions for Fall/Winter 2012/13, will build success by continuing to pay attention to the requirements of exhibitors and buyers. One of the key elements of Fashion Week is the existence of specialist zones, highlighting key trends and product categories.

The attractive part of this show was-

  • Premier Events for the Asian Fashion Scene
  • Green Fashion In Focus
  • Join Trend Forecasting Seminars

Some innovative products from the top class brands are presented below:
Pamper Heiress (Taiwan)
Founded by 2 sisters Vera and Anne in 2005, they launched this brand as a way to give every girl a magic wand which pampers their soul like an heiress in a kingdom. The rings shown are called ‘Mushroom meets diamond’ and ‘Marry me commitment big carat’.

Fig: Marry me ring

Fig: Mushroom meets diamond rings

W & W Brothers Ltd. (Hong Kong)

A high fashion fur and leather garment manufacturer and elegant designs with the use of high quality mink fur, fox fur, chinchilla and sable fur.

Fig: Fox Mink Fur Jacket

FERAX Sp. z o. o. (Poland)
GATTA introduces “Bye Cellulite” tights with an innovative anti-cellulite fiber, letting ladies to get rid of the hated ‘orange peel’. The fibre contains mineral supplement to absorb the heat from our body, and changes into infrared rays. It then penetrates deeply into the skin, which stimulates the cellular metabolism, improves blood circulation of the skin and removes cellulite as a result. The effect of the products can be seen after four weeks of intensive use. These are available in black, beige, gray and dark gray colors, to match your clothes.


Fig: Women’s Tights

Nara Prefectural Textile Industry Associated Federation (Japan)
These ladies’ leggings are dyed to have special effects and patterns. Through kimidori original dyeing, these colorful leggings bring a strong visual impact, giving your legs a makeover.


Fig: Ladies’ Leggings Series

Przedsiebiorstwo Handlowe CYBINA Andrzej Arentowski (Poland)
It launches a suit brand VERNET by Italian producer F. lli Cerruti dal 1881. The use of high-twist wool boosts absolute comfort without wrinkling. Suit jacket highlights a delicate and precise ornamental stitching, the inside pockets are trimmed with colour trimming which increases its elegant character. Suit pant is equipped with anti-sliding rubber in the waist which prevents the shirt from coming out of pant.


Fig: Men’s Striped Shirt


JADA (Korea)
JADA jewelry makes use of natural stones for their natural colors, including Jade, Onyx, Tourmaline, Pearl, Coral and Amber. JADA jewelry is assembled by authentic technique, called ‘hidden construction finish’, without the use of articifical machine-finish or chamical glue. The jewelry is all hand-made to keep its originality and give a better feeling of wearing. JADA adopts the Korean traditional technique of fiigree and make shapes of orchid, florwer, phoenix and dragon with the mix and match of jade, gold, silver and coral leaf etc.


Fig: hand made hair pin


Handsome Hero Holdings HK Limited (Hong Kong)
TATTOO clothes highlight the print of tattoo pattern. The slim cut depicts the wearer’s body shape and it looks like real tattoo on the skin. Available for men and women, there is a wide range of pattern for wearers to change his/her ‘tattoo’ every day, without the physical pain.

Fig: Tattoo T-Shirt

Alberto Moretti Arfango (Italy)
Arfango by Alberto Moretti is based in Florence and founded in 1902. It has over 100 years of history with the iconic Velvet Shoe/Loafer, it is a renowned footwear brand for its exquisite workmanship. In the fair they have brought different type of women’s shoes and booties.

Fig: Women’s Booties

Lai Tak Fashion Ltd. (Hong Kong)
A Hong Kong brand, Mastina, was established since 1995. It sells classy and contemporary Executive Wear and Casual Wear for 20 to 35-year-old office ladies having extensive retail network in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.


Fig: Contemporary Ladies’ Coat

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