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Fashion brand Mango reopening 135 stores

As the COVID-19 rages around the world – shutting down everything from normal life to businesses. But there are hopeful signs. Fashion brand Mango has decided to reopen its 135 stores of its stores’ network in Europe. Countries including Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, where the authorities have relaxed the restrictions, and in the next few days some of the chain’s stores will reopen to the public.

Figure: Fashion brand Mango has decided to reopen its 135 stores of its stores’ network in Europe. Courtesy: Collected

In Austria and the Netherlands, authorities have allowed 4 and 16 stores to reopen. Also, Mango is planning to reopen the remaining 16 stores it has in the Netherlands and another 42 stores in Germany this week.

Additionally to these reopening’s, another 27 stores will reopen in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Georgia, Cyprus and Ukraine.

These stores are in addition to 62 stores in 17 nations in which the COVID-19 pandemic has had a lesser impact and which did not close their stores at any time, like Finland, Norway, Sweden, South Korea, Indonesia and Belarus. Similarly, there are another 53 stores in countries such as China, which have reopened in the last few weeks.

Mango now has 135 stores open and expects that this number will increase by 483 during April, bringing the total to 621.

Mango’s prioritizes the health of its employees and customers. In compliance with the local legislation, extraordinary safety and hygiene measures have been adopted in all its stores, among them limiting the number of customers in stores, continuous cleaning, limiting open times and supplying employees and customers with personal protective equipment.

Mango has continued online sell throughout this period, given that its distribution system has not been affected and deliveries are still being made (except for some restricted areas). The company has made every effort to satisfy its customers, adapting deliveries and returns to the current situation, for example, by extending the deadline of the return and allowing deliveries to be collected from stores once they reopen.

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