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Fashion for Good’s new shop theme explores circular fashion

Fashion for Good launched its new Good Shop theme REBORN recently. REBORN dives into the brands that are trying to close the loop in fashion, creating apparel and footwear that is circular and reduces the need to use new resources.

Fashion for Good REBORN Launch
Figure: Fashion for Good launched its new Good Shop theme REBORN. Courtesy: Alina Krasieva

The new theme features brands such as FRANKIE Collective, reworked overstock that is transformed into highly desired sportswear, Silfir, unisex workwear that can be repaired for every season to keep them wearable and fashionable for longer, and a capsule collection of C2C Certified apparel from C&A.

Designer Tess van Zalinge announced the new theme to a select group of press, influencers and friends in attendance, while also opening the exclusive exhibition of her reworked bridal gowns created in a limited collection together with wedding planner Lotte Grossman.

Experience Manager Gwen Boon introduced the concept behind REBORN and the inspirational brands that demonstrate circular fashion is not only possible, but certainly achievable in today’s fashion ecosystem.

Hannah Kromminga founder of Silfir was also present at the launch to personally speak about their 100% circular unisex workwear.

Circularity in fashion is one of the core ambitions of Fashion for Good who brings together key industry players to collaborate on the creation of a fashion value chain that is restorative and regenerative, shifting away for the current take-make-waste linear model.

REBORN asks the question “What if we had a circular system that gave old clothes a new life?” The answer is celebrated in the Good Shop through the brands featured that show a few of the creative ways in which clothing is finding new life after use.

The carefully curated pieces pioneer a range of innovations that are needed in extending the lifecycle of our clothes, to keep them from being burned or ending up in a landfill.

The fourth theme to be introduced in the Good Shop, REBORN also provides the overarching theme for the Fashion for Good activity programming over the course of the upcoming six months.

Fashion for Good organizes events, workshops and panel discussions aligned around REBORN and circularity in the fashion ecosystem.

Visitors can join for the chance to dive into the topic with leading experts, expand their knowledge, and learn from innovators about the pioneering solutions changing the industry and what they can do to make change happen.

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