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Fashion summit in Dhaka speaks- innovation for generation

Go Brand and ARRIVAL Marketing Communications jointly organized fashion and beauty summit titled as ‘Fashion Innovation for Generation’ on March 17 at BRAC Centre, Mohakhali, Dhaka.

The summit was all about present fashion situation of the country, latest trends of the global fashion along with Bangladeshi fashion industry. This was the fast ever fashion and beauty summit and was very helpful for the participants to get an opportunity to learn about the effective strategies for growth in fashion businesses.

The Summit was aimed at fashion industry professionals, entrepreneurs, business personnel, Next Gen designers, beauticians, students and media agencies looking to understand the strategic impact of new ideas, trends, fashion marketing and the current state of the Bangladeshi Fashion Industry.

The whole program included- Speeches from different speakers, interactive session and the fashion show. All these events made the program a very attractive one.

Speeches from different speakers:
Lorena Mariscal Pagola, lecturer at Riffles Institute started this summit as first guest speaker and her topic was ‘Social & Cultural Dimension of Fashion-A Forecast of Local Trends in the Globalised world’.

The next presentation was by Najib Tareque, Artist and Design Consultant, Bangal. Najib’s presentation was on the evolution of T-shirts in Bangladesh, from the time when plain white round collared thirsts were worn by local peasants to the present forms of the garment boasting national themes. This was followed by Shaibal Shaha’s presentation, who is a design consultant. He discussed aspects that need to be considered in marketing export products and developing them. The presentation was titled “Export Marketing”.

Farah Anjum Bari, Managing Director, Fashion Institute of Designing Ltd., talked on “Green Chic Fashion and Fashion Recycling’~ She discussed the growing trend seen internationally of designing clothes that used recycled fabric or pieces of garment and organic materials. One of her examples included an evening gown made of numerous jeans.

Dr. Jahanara Khan (Jhumu Khan) delivered her discussion on ‘Anti- aging: steps towards the fountain of youth’. Consultant Jhumu Khan talked about reasons of aging, steps of preventing early aging and about way to look young for the rest of the life among other things.

The last speaker Manuel Vertiz Mou of Raffles Institute of Higher Education discussed about ‘Fashion Marketing, Consumer Behaviour and Facing Multi-Cultural Trends’ and emphasized on bringing out traditions and cultures by designs and patterns.

Interactive session:

An interactive session was also held among the panelists and the participants to shed light on different issues through interactive session.

In the panel discussion, guest speakers talked about definition of fashion innovation in the case of Bangladeshi fashion industry, role of entrepreneurs to promote young designers and how to improve the quality of Bangladeshi products, promoting the products and branding with participants in very interactive atmosphere.

The guest speakers suggested that the next generation designers should think commercially, develop their own fashion trends and upgrade their fashion trends in to new level.

In fact the economy of Bangladesh is extremely dependent of textile production and export. Fashion design is part of textile and there are two things that determine the growth and sustainability of these sectors—one is innovation of technology and another one in producing new designs to attract the buyers. If we can’t develop the fashion then it will be very difficult to us to sustain in the global competition. So this kind of program carries unlimited vales in the aspect of Bangladesh.

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