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Fashionology Summit and Denim Expo bring new possibilities for apparel industry

Two successful events made in Bangladesh where fashion and innovation have, once more, come together to champion change and foster sustainability.

Bangladesh Fashionology Summit

Bangladesh has a mission: to fetch its share in the global 130 billion dollars market of smart apparel by 2025.

2nd Bangladesh Fashionology Summit
Figure 1: prominent figures and RMG industry prominent people participated in the 2nd Bangladesh Fashionology Summit.

A fitting stage for these conversations was the 2nd Bangladesh Fashionology Summit that took place on day 1 of the Bangladesh Denim Expo – held on 02-03 May 2019 at the International Convention City Bashundhara.

This was a platform for thinkers, innovators, experts, educators to share innovative ideas on this edition’s main theme: “Digitalization – the Next Destination”. Sessions were provided to learn more about how innovation, specifically digitalization, fits in the world of the fashion industry.

Further to an increase in the cost of production, the industry is even more compelled to focusing on finding added value for products.

Here is where the smart clothing market comes in, an opportunity on which a thriving community of thinkers will commit to lead the “current-generation” garment production into the “next-generation” apparel manufacturing by using latest digital technology.

The Summit has also provided a Tech Innovation Zone (Tech Innovators: Trustrace, Shimmy Technologies, Infinited Fiber, Seachange Technologies, Reverse Resource) in collaboration with Fashion for Good, a platform for innovators to meet with the other components of the ecosystem, and an Exhibition Zone (Exhibitors: Pivot88, Lectra, Sindabad.com, Pacific Associates, Earlycavehuman, Foursource Group GmbH, A2i-Access to Information, GoBlu, Rudholm Group, QuizRR, BRAC, SNV, SR Asia, Swiss Contact) for companies to showcase their latest innovations, paying special attention to information sharing.

Five learning sessions – dealt with by 41 speakers from 13 countries – explored the many ways technology can support the fashion industry, specifically:

  • Digitalization of supply chain – to cut costs and reduce lead times
  • Transparency in the global supply chain
  • Innovation in the era of the fours industrial revolution
  • Technology for decent work and environment
  • Policy dialogue on future skills development

Topping it all off was a Digital Tech Runway Show curated by LABELEDBY – featuring the first time ever tech outfit made in Bangladesh – where smart wearable by world’s renowned fashion tech designers were showcased.

“The shift from producing basic to smart clothing will not be so easy and it has to be done gradually with proper planning and preparation. The objective of the Bangladesh Fashionology Summit is to facilitate the shift” said Mostafiz Uddin, Founder and CEO of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE).

The event turned out to be the ultimate platform for the discovery of new business opportunities, learning upcoming business rules and providing inspiration for possible steps into the future.

Bangladesh Denim Expo

The 10th edition of the Bangladesh Denim Expo has come to an end, having quenched the thirst for knowledge that the participants had arrived with, whilst providing endless possibilities of networking.

10th Bangladesh Denim Expo
Figure 2: The expo provided a 2-day packed event that included informative seminars, stimulating workshops and engaging round table discussions on circularity.

The expo set to create a space where 63 exhibitors from 11 countries represented the very best from the local and international denim community.

This year’s theme, circularity, was extremely important as it tackles an ongoing issue that the fashion industry, especially, must confront in order to create a new scenario where environmental impact is reduced to a minimum.

“We are living in a world where the apparel industry generates a great number of garments which can be recycled or reused,” said Mostafiz Uddin, Founder and CEO of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange and Bangladesh Denim Expo.

“Circularity has been emphasized in this edition of the expo because it is the right way to a sustainable future,” Mostafiz Uddin also added.

The expo provided a 2-day packed event that included informative seminars, stimulating workshops and engaging round table discussions on circularity.

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