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Fiber cleaning systems can keep nonwovens contamination free

Contaminated yarn is one of the spinner’s biggest headaches, potentially leading to customer claims and rejects when synthetic particles such as polypropylene (PP) remain undetected in cotton until the fabric reaches the dyehouse. In a recent release one of the global companies making fiber cleaning systems USTER has informed that ther range of USTER® JOSSI systems is proven to deal with this problem with effectiveness, detecting and removing foreign matter from cotton at the spinning preparation stage.

Figure 1: Detection and elimination of natural and synthetic contamination.
Figure 1: Detection and elimination of natural and synthetic contamination.

Uster Technologies acquired Jossi AG in 2013 and now applies the USTER® JOSSI VISION SHIELD 2 and USTER® JOSSI VISION SHIELD T systems, using multiple detection principles to eject all polypropylene particles, however minute. The company informed that all types of foreign matter, including polypropylene and polyethylene, are eliminated by USTER® JOSSI MAGIC EYE, with a minimum of waste.

Special challenges for nonwovens producers

Compared to yarn spinning, nonwovens products and processes bring some special challenges and even more demanding requirements. Imagine, for example, a scratchy remnant of polypropylene in a make-up removal pad…or any kind of contamination in hospital products such as absorbent cotton, alcohol swabs, or nonwoven gauze. Such problems would be totally unacceptable. Not surprisingly, markets for medical and hygiene products in the USA, Europe and Asia are extremely quality-oriented.

With developments in synthetic fibers, there was a trend about 25 years ago for nonwovens applications to switch from pure cotton to synthetics. Initially, consumers preferred the dry and light texture of synthetic fibers. In the last decade, however, many applications are seeing a return to pure cotton as the favored option, particularly where allergenic issues such as skin reddening and irritation are possible.

Nonwovens: big in Japan

Most of the machinery for nonwovens hygiene products is made by Japanese companies and Japan itself plays a leading role in manufacturing goods for medical and cosmetic applications, as well as food packaging materials. “Japan is growing as a market for USTER® fiber cleaning systems, thanks to these nonwovens applications,” says Oswald Baldischwieler, Product Manager Fiber Cleaning within Uster Technologies. “The combination of USTER® JOSSI VISION SHIELD and USTER® JOSSI MAGIC EYE supports the manufacturers to control contamination continuously at a high level.”

Switzerland based the Uster Group is the leading high-technology instrument manufacturer of products for quality measurement and certification for the textile industry. The release has informed that a total of 3,500 worldwide installations of Jossi fiber cleaning systems – now produced by USTER.

The Uster Group provides benchmarks that are a basis for the trading of textile products at assured levels of quality across global markets. The Group’s aim is to forward know-how on quality, productivity and cost to the textile industry.

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