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Final round of Hult Prize on Campus program held at Dr. M A Wazed Mia Textile Engineering College

The final round of the Hult Prize campus program competition at Dr. M A Wazed Mia Textile Engineering College (DWMTEC) was held on November 10. The competition took place virtually. Among participating teams, team ‘Green Leaf’ became the champion in the On-Campus final.

Figure: Champion team ‘Green Leaf’ won by presenting a great idea of ‘Perilla’, the future oil crop of Bangladesh. 

Champion team ‘Green Leaf’ won by presenting a great idea of ‘Perilla’, the future oil crop of Bangladesh. Among all kinds of vegetable oil, Perilla oil is a higher source of essential Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids with 0% uric acid which prevents neuronal death and neuro- inflammation. It decreases the possibility of myocardial infarction mortality from coronary artery disease. It reduces insulin sensitivity and decreases tumors.

Besides this, it has a positive effect on women’s hormones and the time of labor in pregnancy. Besides this, it improves mental health and strengthens bones which is a major problem for today’s society.

The members of the champion ‘Green Leaf’ were Sharmin Maktum, Zakia Oli, Abdur Rahman Jihad and Rawshan Tabassum.

1st runner-up team ‘Antiseptic’ presented a food chain from ‘farm to table’ by multi-layer biotic farming, which a combination of Multilayer is farming and permaculture.

By this farming, farmers will plant 4 different crops on 4 different layers and plant different fruit trees in the border area. So that they can produce 4 times more output at a time, reducing 90% of water wastage and serve the nutritious vegetable at a reasonable price.

Team Antiseptic is looking at green business as a vehicle for change.

2nd runner-up ‘Team Glacier’ presented a project ‘Mushroom Paradox’. As it is sustainable, profitable, nutritious, easy cultivation method, fast productivity and environment-friendly behavior.

They will cultivate mushrooms in rural areas and the roof of urban areas. Because 74% of the country’s roofs remain unused. They will do their marketing in a profitable way which will run their project faster. Their estimated net profit will be 20.43% in one year. They will able to reach four SDGs: no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being and decent work and economic growth through their project. They also have some lucrative future goals to make it bigger.

The final round judges were Md. Rakibul Hafiz khan Rakib from Begum Rokeya University; SM Saad Uddin, Co-Founder and CEO of Voltix; Tahmid Mubashbir, Co-founder and Chief Operation Officer, Tetra. Abdur Rakib, Principal, DWMTEC. Nur Alam lecturer of DWMTEC, Sabbir Ahmed who is the Founder and Instructor of Learning Bangladesh was the special guest.

Hult Prize DWMTEC Campus Director congratulated the winning team and wished them success for the next step.

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