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Fine arts students have immense opportunity as designer in garment printing sector

Fine Arts is recognized as one of the creative subject due to its creative nature. Bangladesh has a rich history in fine arts in various public and private universities. Despite that, textiles and RMG industry in Bangladesh face an acute crisis with designers. Focusing on that point, ‘All Over Printing Technologists of Bangladesh’ organized an online seminar entitled ‘How Fine arts students can contribute their skills in Garment and textiles printing section.’

Figure 1: All over printing technologists of Bangladesh made an online seminar for the fine arts student.

With the aim that fine arts students can contribute significantly to the RMG industry in Bangladesh. And the career pathway of fine arts students in the printing section.

Md Salauddin, Chairman, ASK Apparel & Textile Sourcing gave his constructive speech on the career pathway of fine arts students in the printing section.

Salauddin said, “If it is possible to show our design capabilities and organize exhibitions to showcase global buyers, we can demand better prices from them.”

Figure 2: Snapshot of the online seminar regarding how fine arts student can contribute their skills in the garment and textiles printing sector.

Engineer S.M Abdur Rahman, President, All over printing Technologists of Bangladesh added his valuable speech on that seminar.

Abdur Rahman prescribed that, “Universities with fine arts department should include textile courses aiming the garment printing sector design and development.”

After an interactive session, speakers voiced their desire to hire fine arts students as designers in the printing section. Fine arts students of the various university participated in the online session.

Finally, the online session ended with a FAQs session.

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