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Flexwarm jacket offers perfect warmth in winter

New innovations are improving every day’s human lifestyle and benefit the industry, the health and the environment. Flexwarm, a jacket that intelligently adjusts to keep the body temperature perfect, is one of the inventions that made human life easier. This is the coat that keeps the user warm through the cold in winter. It offers a solution at the touch of a button.

Flexwarm jacket
Figure: Flexwarm vest allow the user to take control of their comfort with precise temperature. Courtesy: 8kflexwarm.com

The technology used in Flexwarm is unlike any heating technology invented before. The self-heating jacket looks absolutely amazing. It heats itself by using groundbreaking flexwarmtech. It can produce 50-degree celsius temperature within 360 seconds and the temperature is controlled by a smartphone.

The flexible heating elements now are thin (0.5mm) enough to be printed directly onto fabric. Also, it is safe (low output voltage), durable and washable, along with precise temperature control feature. Therefore, the technology can be applied anywhere like garments, personal care items and home appliances.

Basic component

FLEXWARM Basic components

The flexible film is insulated and waterproof and nano composite material are easily printable and malleable.

Flexwarm printed elements are better than carbon fiber in trans of heating purpose. Flexwarm takes less time to heats up. On the other hand, carbon fiber heats up slowly.

Key features

  • Thin and light heating elements: Flexwarm inside technology heating elements are light, flexible, breathable, providing you a comfortable experience.
  • Water resistant: Flexwarm heating system is water resistant, making it great for sports and outdoor activities.
  • Wireless warmth and precise
  • Temperature

Flexwarm inside technology provides a user-friendly app that allow the user to take control of their comfort with precise temperature.

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