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Pacific Associates Ltd. and Fong’s National Engineering Co., Ltd. jointly organized FONG’s seminar on “THEN SYNERGY-8 AIR FLOW DYEING MACHINE” which was held at Knit Concern Group, Narayanganj on 20th September 2014. Roland Adrion, Area Sales Director of Fong’s was the key presenter of that seminar- heading “State-of-the-Art Dyeing: Sustainability meets Efficiency.” Adrion’s made a wonderful presentation that was divided in four parts: Technique-Technology-Efficiency & The latest Model of Machine. After the presentation session he faced lots of technical questions from audience. Knit Concern auditorium was full of top management and dyeing experts from different textile dyeing industries.

1Fig 1: Mr. Roland Adrion, answering audiance

Khaled Masud Khan, Director of Yarn Dyeing, Knit Concern Ltd. shared an overview and introduction of Knit Concern Group with the audience. Mr. Khaled disclosed that KC is situated on 20 acres land where 12000 people are working and producing 0.16 MN pieces apparels per day including 20,000 pieces lingerie. Knit Concern is knitting 40 tons grey fabric per day and dying 40 tons fabric per day too, also hosting a well-established yarn dyeing unit capable to dyeing 20 tons yarn per day.It was well understood from his briefing that Knit Concern is one of the biggest factories in Bangladesh. KC has a very strong marketing team and strong directors board for top management decision making. He mentioned H&M is the main buyer of KC. He mentioned that Mr. Joynal Abedin Mollah is the President & CEO of Knit Concern Group. Mr. Khaled welcomed Fong’s latest model of dying machine for KC Group.

Mr. Walter S. W. Leung, Director, Sales & Marketing (Overseas) mentioned that KC just started to use latest model of Fong’s machine which is called “THEN. Airflow Synergy-8”. Now Fong’s main view is THEN air flow technology which can reduce water, chemical and time consumption in dyeing fabric and results in cost reduction. Then air flow technology created a win-win situation.

KC allowed audience for a visit to their new dyeing unit under factory rule. During industry visit most of audience asked number of technical questions from different point of view to the volunteers of Fong’s and Pacific Associates. Dyeing experts were very curious in Synergy-8 model.

2Fig 2: THEN Synergy-8 Air Flow  Dyeing Machine at Knit Concern


Roland Adrion, in his presentation he focused on economical, technical advantage with increased efficiency of SYNERGY-8 compared to older version of Fong’s dyeing machines. Mr. Ronald mentioned that SYNERGY-8 can reduce 50% Salt & 25% auxiliary chemical application, 100 minutes time/dyeing, hence 35% cost reduction with 92 % lab to bulk production efficiency. Synergy-8 have some specific technological development like- Link Collector, Spray nozzle system, intelligent rinsing system & individual air blower/tube. Adrion said SYN-8 is suitable for various fabric with better flexibility, quality and ergonomics. SYN-8 dyeing technology recently won “Champion for innovation” and “Hong Kong award for industries”. Fong’s already has sold 50 dyeing machine (Synergy 8) in China.

Mr. M. Shahabuddin, Managing Director of Pacific Associates Ltd., invited to declare closing of seminar. He was very thankful to the authority of Knit Concern Group for all kind of support to make the seminar successful. He wished gratitude to the audience for their kind presence in the seminar.

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