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Fong’s vows to bring up new innovations

Fong’s has been working with textile industry worldwide to serve their customers in a quick and professional way. They have achieved competitiveness, which has set course for worldwide leadership and excellence in the textile machinery business. Like so many other countries, Bangladesh textile industry has been strengthened by the continuous machinery investments for years. Fong’s Group is one of the largest machine suppliers in Bangladesh. In this story BTT revealed the expedition of Fong’s in Bangladesh. Fong’s CEO Mr. Ji Xin articulated his outlook with the BTT team during DTG 2013. Interview was conducted by Nusrat  Rysa and Salim Azad Didar.


Fong’s Industries Group was founded in 1963 and was the first Chinese textile machinery manufacturer to acquire European companies such as Switzerland-based Xorella and German companies Then Maschinen-und Apparatebau GmbH and GTM Goller Textilemaschinen GmbH. It has also found Fong’s Water Technology Co. Ltd. to provide water treatment and reuse systems with comprehensive services. Fong’s has been doing business in Bangladesh for the last 15 years.

As a major supplier, Fong’s has been regularly participating Dhaka Textile Garment (DTG) exhibition, the largest textile machinery exhibition in the country. This year Fong’s exhibited THEN brand under aerodynamic technology for dyeing, which is at the moment the most advanced dyeing technology for 100% cotton with lowest liquor ratio. This technology is energy efficient and causes lower pollution level. Mr. Ji Xin, the CEO of Fong’s thought that this technology would be a great opportunity for Bangladesh, as the prime customers of Bangladeshi products are the Europeans who are more concerned about the environmental issues. Mr. Ji Xin informed that THEN aerodynamic can dye cotton goods at a liquor ratio 1 to 3.5 that is a great achievement for the industry.

In a conversation with Mr. Ji Xin, he let us know its business expansion plan in Bangladesh and Fong’s experience of doing business in Bangladesh market. He started by congratulating the organizers of DTG 2013 for being successful in attracting more vendors than the last year. He believed that there are a lot of potential in the textile sector of Bangladesh; and most importantly Bangladesh is having a good competition in the industry. He also thought that as a consequent of the recent rise in the labor cost of China, Chinese textile would start investing in Bangladesh. He assured that Fong’s group would try their best to serve Bangladeshi customers and is confident to sustain in the market. He added that the government is also supporting foreign investment by releasing the tax barriers. However, the only major obstacle of doing business in Bangladesh, he believes, is the financial vulnerability of the banks.

Mr. Xin expressed his appreciation to Fong’s local agent Pacific Associates. Simultaneously, he mentioned about the possibility of setting up a customer care station in Bangladesh to enhance the service availability to the customers. Mr Xin stated that for the next one or two years Fong’s would concentrate on the existing machines, as the new projects are getting stuck for the gas line issue. He advocated that Bangladesh should collaborate with other countries to solve the gas crisis.

According to the CEO, currently there is a one stop solution for complete processing line in dyeing – no matter whether its dry or wet, batch or continuous. He informed that Fong’s has already developed water recycle system and has launched it in China. He added the possibility of bringing that technology in Bangladesh to conserve the environment. He also informed that Fong’s will launch new product in this year, probably in the upcoming ShanghaiTex Exhibition to be held in this June in Shanghai China.

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