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“Highly concentrated chemical products can be greatly beneficial for the washing and textile processing industry”

Pure Chemicals has been established in October 2018. Since its inception, the innovation-driven company is offering numerous products in denim washing and textile auxiliary market. ‘Pure Chemicals’–an outliner of ‘SOKO Chimica-Italy’ in Bangladesh—has been working to achieve consistent perfection, provide a quality product with reliable price and strong technical support maintaining international standards.

Md. Forhad Hossan, CEO, and Technical Consultant for Laundry Chemicals Management at Pure Chemicals has been leading the innovative trading company. Recently Forhad Hossan shared his in-depth dimension and future vision of the overall washing and textile processing industry and Pure Chemicals journey. Here is the essence of the conversation for the readers.

Figure: Md. Forhad Hossan, CEO, Pure Chemicals.

Textile Today: We know you have been serving the textile processing industry especially the washing sector for the last 15 years. Please share us your experience and in which areas the washing industry of Bangladesh should look into to maximize profit?

Md. Forhad Hossan: I started my carrier in 2008. Over the years I have worked my way to the current position.

From my experience, I will opine that Bangladesh’s textile and apparel industry holistically come out of the practice of copying buyers’ order. Some leading factories are developing R&D, design and collection. This thing is enhancing their bargaining power with brands and buyers. The washing sector needs to innovate new way to meet the current consumers’ demand.

Textile Today: Please share us the story of Pure Chemical. How do Pure Chemicals ensure a significant global standard of quality services? 

Md. Forhad Hossan: I started Pure Chemical back in 2018 as an innovative trading company. I have worked in many multinationals companies – which made me realize that I could not utilize my creativity and full potential that is how Pure Chemical came into being.

We are dedicated to provide the best quality product with the best price along with robust technical support and a top-notch system with the highest ethical and professional standards by maintaining international regulation with a mission to be a leader in the textile and washing industry in Bangladesh.

Also, we became the outliner of ‘SOKO Chimica-Italy’ in Bangladesh. As this market is gigantic and all the leading chemical companies are available here, we have to be our absolute best in terms of providing top-notch innovative products maintaining global standards.

Textile Today: Pure Chemicals is an outline of ‘SOKO Chimica-Italy’ in Bangladesh. We know Soko is an International award-winning washing chemical solution provider company. Please tell us about SOKO.

Md. Forhad Hossan: SOKO Chimica-Italy is a big name in the textile chemical industry. Based in Italy, SOKO started the business almost a century ago providing and developing innovative chemical auxiliaries/solutions for fashion and the textile industry. The constant research for sustainable and innovative solutions made SOKO one of the most active companies in the textile chemical sector.

Now SOKO has a worldwide network and is represented in Asia, North Africa and the Americas. SOKO Chimica participates in all the globally leading denim-related fairs like ITMA, Denim Première Vision, etc. In addition, SOKO Chimica’s products are not only related to development, rather they also develop production-related chemical solutions for their partners.

Textile Today: What are the unique products of SOKO/Pure chemicals that you are working on within the Bangladesh washing and textile processing industry? 

Md. Forhad Hossan: As a leading chemical provider in the market, we have all types and ranges of products. Having said that some of our ‘hotcake’ products are getting an unparalleled response from the Bangladesh washing and textile processing industry are:

DISPERSOKO ABS-GSX – Anti-Back-Staining Agent And Detergent For Denim, BIOCLEAN SOKO – Enzymatic Abrasion Booster & Denim Cleaner, PRECAND SOKO – Cleaning + Bleaching Agent, SOKO BLACK MAGIC – Sulphur Bleach with low temperature–single bath–fast process as it reduces bath time to 30 to 40 minutes and saves water consumption, SOKOSTONE NL-C – High-Performance Enzymatic Cellulose For Bio-Polishing & Stonewash, SOKOSTONE NS/NS PLUS – Stone Free Enzyme; PEROXISOKO ECO – Product For Neutralization of Potassium Permanganate And Sodium Hypochlorite, TENDERSOKO SI MICRO ID – Hydrophilic Silicon Softener, RESOKO SHADOW – Vintage Dyeing, EASY WAVE – Pigment Replacement.

Also to substitute Potassium Permanganate and Hypochlorite, SOKO brought ‘LUMIA.’ It is not just a brand new method for fading and bleaching, but it does not compromise with substitutes also.

SOKO Chimica has developed a new process with LUMIA – which is patented – and it nullifies the use of water in dry ozone washing.

Our products are always production-friendly, sustainable and suitable for the local washing and textile processing industry. For example, in conventional stonewash of garments, Pumice stone is used conventionally. Its price is high due to the logistic crisis. Whereas Pure chemicals provide Cellulose-based Bio-Polishing enzymes for stonewash. Our partners in Bangladesh choose this solution and its success rate is 100% in indigo fabric. Besides, it reduces other issues like slasher problems in ETP’s while using Pumice stone.

We committed to using only certified and safe premium quality raw materials coming from reliable chains only. The domino effect has continuously pursued new challenges to supply eco-friendly products that are ZDHC level-3, OEKO-TEX, GOTs, REACH and ECO PASSPORT certified.

Pure Chemicals is committed to providing the best quality product with the best price along with strong technical support and a top-notch system with the highest ethical and professional standards by maintaining international regulation with a mission to be a leader in the textile and washing industry in Bangladesh.

Textile Today: You know recently the price of yarn ad chemicals has gone up. How will this affect the Bangladesh textile and garments industry? How can this be overcome?

Md. Forhad Hossan: With an unstable global supply chain – logistics issues, higher freight charge, raw material unavailability – I will opine to my customers to use highly concentrated chemical products. Although it is a bit pricy than less concentrated chemical products, we can modify these products and less consumption will give higher results for the textile community.

Besides, it also gives an advantage in bond facility and warehouse. As high concentrated products take up less space but give more results greatly beneficial for the washing and textile processing industry.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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