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Future prospect and barriers of digital AOP in Bangladesh

The excursion of the digital all-over printing (AOP) industry began in Bangladesh in 2014. At present around 30 factories have digital printing units. Digital AOP added a new dimension to the textile industry of Bangladesh.

AOPTB (All Over Printing Technologists of Bangladesh) arranged a webinar to discuss the “Future prospect and barriers of digital AOP in Bangladesh” held on 6Th August, Friday which was live telecast by AOPTB.

Figure: Speakers at the webinar.

Where, Abdullah Al Mamun, Director of Abid Textile Ltd and Vice President of BTMA (Bangladesh Textile Mills Association); Dilip Kumar Baidya, Assistant Director of Anwar group; Engr. Md Nasimuzzaman Nasim, Jr. Vice President of Robintex Group; Engr. Alamgir Hossain, Sr. Manager of Knit Concern Group were the keynote speaker of the webinar and Engr. Md Anwar Hossain, Technical Manager (digital printing) of Zhongshanshi Ideal New Materials Company Ltd moderated the webinar.

Anwar started the program by asking the question to Mamun about his started journey with digital all-over printing. Mamun said “when I started with digital AOP, very few factories had digital printing units. Factories were not well known for digital AOP technology.”

“At that time, it was a very big challenge for me to set up a digital AOP project because most of the people in the management of my factory were not welcome this new technology. I think new technology will lead the world. If you don`t come up with new technology, you will be a loser. So, I planned about digital AOP about 6 to 7 years ago by thinking about future opportunities,” Mamun added.

Mamun also gave some valuable advice for the new investors and new technologists of the Digital AOP sector. Also, he mentioned that Digital AOP is cost-effective than traditional AOP. Finally, he declared that he is planning to set up a digital ink factory in Bangladesh very soon which will be very helpful for the digital AOP sector in Bangladesh.

Moderator Anwar quoted some valuable information from fashion print magazines such as in 2013 global digital printing output was 633 million square meters and in 2020 it reaches 2.2 million square meters. That means the growth to digital printing is 23 to 24%.

Anwar asked Dilip about the higher growth rate of digital printing.

Dilip said, “Traditional printing needs roller, rubber, screen, and blade which are not needed in digital printing. There is no color and repeat limitation in digital AOP, also has good sharpness and higher productivity. That`s why it is being popular so fast”.

Dilip also discusses the prospect of digital AOP in Bangladesh and the importance of Digital AOP for the sustainability of our textile sector.

Alamgir discussed the preparatory process of knitted and woven reactive digital AOP fabric. Also, he explained the importance of padding for digital AOP.

He said that the padding recipe depends on fabric composition and structure. Also, he mentioned common faults in digital AOP and remedies.

Anwar asked Nasim about disperse digital AOP and pigment digital AOP. Nasim discussed the difference between sublimation and disperse digital AOP.

Also, he discussed the difference between traditional and digital pigment AOP. Nasim also talks about the print head maintenance process of the Digital AOP machine.

Finally, at the end of the rogram moderator, Anwar mentioned the positive sides of Digital AOP such as Digital AOP is eco-friendly, cost-effective, and higher productivity. It can be said that in the future digital AOP will take the place of traditional AOP in Bangladesh.

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