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Geo Chem introduces ‘SAFETY+’ certificate for fashion retails and other sectors


Today we are living in an era of COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the amenities including fashion retails, shops, malls, restaurants, hotels, offices, factories, educational institutes, even transports were kept closed to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

However, the wheels of the economy must role on and hence almost every closed facility (except the educational institutes) is being opened by now. It is certainly a time for us for new hope but also for caution.


The end of the lockdown has not spelled a return to the old ‘normal’, nor has it been universal. The spreading of the virus is not over yet, rather increasing. People are much scared. They are scared of going to shops, to malls, to restaurants, even to their workplaces.

With a lesser number of customers, these organizations are at the risk of severe business loss and financial crisis.

Then, how can companies navigate this difficult and new environment? How can customers and employees be motivated to return and be reassured about their health safety? Here Geo Chem has stood beside you. 

Geo Chem ‘SAFETY+’ Certification 

Founded in 1964, Geo Chem is an independent testing, inspection and company. With the headquarters in Dubai, UAE and branches in 37 countries across the globe, Geo Chem is today one of the largest and reputable inspection and testing organizations in this subcontinent.

As an Independent, unbiased and quality-driven audit, inspection and testing company, Geo Chem today has a strong reputation worldwide.

Geo Chem was concerned about public health and safety since the outburst of the pandemic. In this consequence, they have brought the necessary solutions to ensure ‘health safety and hygiene condition’ at your premise and your supply chain, which has become the new norm of doing business, since the Covid-19 pandemic era! 

Geo Chem ‘health safety and hygiene’ Audit and the ‘SAFETY+ Certificate/Label give you and your customers, the confidence for a safe ‘business continuity’.

Benefits for ‘fashion/footwear retails and other sectors’

Businesses, such as ‘Fashion or Footwear Retails’, could be benefited from this ‘SAFETY+ certification by reassuring their customers that their outlets are safe to visit and shopping could be enjoyed without any worry.

Employees too could be assured about their health safety at the workplace. The ‘SAFETY+’ Certification is equally applicable for other sectors as well, such as shopping malls, banks, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets/super-shops and other retail i.e. electronics, jewelry, confectionery and sweets, etc. 

As we know, happy customers and confident staff are the two keys to the revival of the business in this situation. Geo Chem is ensuring this through its ‘SAFETY+’ certification, not only in Bangladesh but also across the world through its well established global network.

Many organizations are already on the verge to join hands with Geo Chem in the Middle East, China, India, North America, Africa, etc. regions.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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