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Geo Chem offers La-fit for complete sample solution

A flawless sample represents the ginormous rank of a manufacturer’s strength and quality. Because the fundamental requirement from the customer focuses on the quality of the product as well as the ability to make them. But in most cases, manufacturers face challenge to produce a quality sample that sometimes difficult to win over the buyer’s mind.

geo chem logo

So, to make quality sample La-fit is a unique service provided by Geo Chem which is the first and only international 3rd party organization. This is a complete solution for all pre-production sample development activities in the Apparel Industry of Bangladesh.

It is mentionable that Global Executive Vice President of Geo Chem CPS, Manish Kumar, who has more than 30 years of experience in garment manufacturing and TIC industry, introduced the ‘La-fit’ service under Geo Chem which is the first-ever service under a third-party service provider in the globe.

Why La-fit start its journey?

La fit logo

Some of the apparel factories in Bangladesh are facing challenges to make quality samples due to inappropriate technical set up as well as lack of proper and adequate knowledge. Even some time lack enough in-house capacity and some big organizations are also facing challenges to prepare high volume samples.

Ultimately, they are losing potential orders in each season. To support the industry in every area of sample preparation, Geo Chem brings La-fit as a complete solution for all pre-production sample development. La-fit can help –

  • To make samples, tech pack, patterns by the industrial expert.
  • To save costs by paying service fees for designated parts only.
  • La-fit can support those are not able to set up sample rooms on their premises.
  • La-fit can help to save the operational cost of a sample room set up in the supplier premises.
  • The supplier can get CAD service from La-fit and it can save all the CAD operational cost.

Mahbubur Rahman, General Manager, Geo Chem CPS Bangladesh said, “Considering the challenges of Bangladeshi manufacturers and buying offices, Geo Chem as the 3rd party organization opens up new service ‘La-fit’ to give them a complete solution for all the pre-production sample development activities”.

La-fit sample solutions
Figure1: La-fit offers all kinds of sample solutions.

Why choose La-fit?

Well equipped: La-fit sample room is equipped with modern machinery to produce quality samples so that suppliers never miss any opportunity to grab the order. It has a dedicated section with CAD, plotter and sewing machines.

La-fit sample room
Figure 2: La-fit sample room is equipped with modern machinery to produce quality samples.

Sample expert: Technical experts who have a long time practical experience are dedicated to offering their service at La-fit to make and evaluate samples in the early stage of production.

Fastest service: La-fit can produce quality samples by the shortest period of time even though it is the most complicated sample. To provide quicker service, they have a special arrangement for garments printing, embroidery and embellishment processes that needed to use external resources.

Reasonable cost: La-fit sample solution is affordable and reasonable that can provide the highest services. To save cost suppliers can pay service fees for designated parts only.

Strong quality checkpoint: La-fit quality checkpoint is designed to maintain the highest quality and error-free sample. The checkpoints ensure that no error or quality defect will be found in the final product. The quality defect will be detected at an immediate time when it happens so it can save time as well as deliver quality samples.

Sayed Md. Mohsin, Inspection Manager, Geo Chem said, “We never allow to pass any sample without quality check and ensure the quality check at every step of sample production so that an error-free sample can get as the final product.”

Types of La-fit sample

La-fit capable to make all kinds of basic and fashion samples along with print, embellishment, wash and any kind of critical process that usually some of the sample sections cannot make.

Fashion sample: Fashion is the major concern that the apparel industry is trying to develop in their sample unit but due to lack of knowledge and expertise fashion samples cannot be made properly in their facilities. La-fit has good expertise and all the facilities to make the correct fashion sample.

Sample with wash and critical process: As La-fit is doing fashion sample so they are also providing service that needed different wash processes. For the wash process support, they use external resources and this can help to do faster service.

Sample with print and embroidery: La-fit can give print and embroidery support to make a complete fashion garment. Their external resources can help to provide the highest quality print and embroidery in the very shortest period of time.

La-fit experts review sample
Figure 3: La-fit experts review the sample and execute necessary modifications on the pattern.

Size set: The purpose of the size set is to check the fit in the garment in different sizes. La-fit develop samples in multiple sizes if the factory is not capable to make them or does not have enough time. After making the size set La-fit quality experts check the size set sample and give feedback to the factory if anything needs to be corrected in production.

Salesman samples: Salesman samples are made to put on display in the retailer’s showroom. This is displayed for assessing customer’s feedback and response, buyer’s forecast demand of a particular style. In this regard, La-fit can help the factory to prepare the Salesman samples according to buyer’s demand.

Mahbubur Rahman, General Manager, Geo Chem CPS Bangladesh said, “We are receiving the request from many factories to make Salesman sample because this is required to be made accurately and has to be fit good so that buyer will be happy to place an order.”

Reference/preproduction (PP) sample: The pre-production sample should be an exact representation of what intends to ship as the final product. La-fit is ready to make a preproduction sample to present the garment example to the buyer ‘before’ production.

La-fit other services

Tech Pack creation: La-fit prepares Tech Packs because this is very important for clear communication about the style between the manufacturer and buyer. Clarity about the style removes all kinds of miscommunications and reduces the chances of errors. These technical files include – important technical points that should be taken care of, style details/flat sketch/3d image/base size/size set measurement chart/how to measure/stitching details/bill of materials.

La-fit experts
Figure 4: La-fit experts can prepare Tech Packs including Style details / Flat sketch / 3D image / Base size / size set measurement chart / How to measure / Stitching details / Bill of materials.

Fit sample review: Once a proto sample is approved; FIT is being made with actual measurement. La-fit executes necessary modifications on the pattern and reviews the sample to get the desired fit in the garment.

Live sample development: Geo chem has complete set-up for developing live samples in actual/substitute fabric, this will help to reduce cost and time.

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