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GIZ organized chemical management trainer workshop 2013

GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit) organized three day Chemical Management Trainer Workshop from 9th April to 11th April at Gulshan-02, Dhaka. The aim of this workshop was to improve resource efficiency and learn more about Environmental Management System & to increase the capacity of service providers to support the industry in chemical management (CM). This was an intensive training course for the consultants working in chemical areas from different GIZ enlisted service providers.


The aim of this CM management training was to provide further knowledge on CM & to encourage each participants to develop indivual skills & be prepared to train others in the future on CM. Main focus was textile & apparel industrial sector of Bangladesh though the method could be applied in kind of industries using chemicals in its process.The training was conducted by Dr. Jurgan Hannak, CM Master Trainer from Germany & co-ordinated by Md.Monower Hossain, Environment Councelor (BEPZA) & Md. Moniruzzaman (CEO, ECLETIC). The three days training was divided into two sessions per day and total of six sessions. There was a total number of sixteen participitants for the workshop from different service providing companies, industries and regulating agencies.

Training objectives ware divided into three phases. Phase one consisted of Basic Training on Chemical Management, phase two focused on Advanced Training on Chemical Management, phase three concentrated on Training of the Trainers on Chemical Management. The opening day morning session included- Introduction to Resource Efficient Management of Chemicals (REMC) while the afternoon session included Identifying REMC Issues & factors.

On the second day, the morning session was started with assessing and prioritizing risks & the afternoon session focused on responding to chemical management issues.  The last day  morning session was opened with developing, implementing and testing good practices, planning and delivering effective training, preparing for possible emergencies while afternoon session was an assessment test of participants Throughout the training all the participants were divided into randomly selected groups and were given tasks and kept engaged into various knowledge & skill building activities. Dr. Jurgan Hannak was found friendly and assisted all with necessary encouragement, informed a participants while talking to the reporter. He also informed that the lead trainer should share his/her knowledge on chemical handling and highlighted on safe chemical management practices in the factories through practical inhand examples and slide show presentation. After the completion of the workshop each participant was  awarded  Trainer Certificate from GIZ. The total workshop was facilated by Mohammad Zahin Rahman, Environmental Advisor (GIZ) & for further information on future workshops or anything related with GIZ anyone can contact him at: zahin.rahman@giz.de

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