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Global Apparel Market Continues to Shift

editorial_2010-4Mr. A.S.M Tareq Amin is speaking in the campus inauguration of Textile Talent Hunt 2010 in College of Textile Technology on 15th July 2010

Global Apparel Market Continues to Shift

Even though RMG industry is restless by the labour unrest and the wages are to increase remarkably Bangladesh still can take the business coming out from China. In certain ranges of apparel products China has become remarkably costlier. But the idea and its impact should be very clear to our garment makers. Overall garment making cost is increasing globally and we also have to increase the price but definitely we should do proper market study before that.  Buying house sources informed that Bangladeshi manufacturers are quoting higher price which sometimes double of the last year’s price hence they are again loosing orders to countries like Pakistan, India even to China. Pakistan textile and apparel sector is having a real boost up because of their government’s policy support. Market reports show that many orders are going to Pakistan as their yarn price is under control and their government is offering subsidy to the sector. India is also taking advantage from the market shift and getting more apparel order from EU and US market.

Where is the End of Labour Unrest?

Amid continual labour unrest and long debate for the right wage for the garment workers government is going to declare the wage structure on 29th July 2010. Prime minister Sheikh Hasina very clearly termed garment wage as inhuman. The parliamentary committee termed that the minimum wage should be BDT 5000 even though they indicated that government may set it at much lower because the garment makers are not ready to pay that much. In this long debate many factories have faced sheer rampage. Many owners are raising questions that wage rising is quite natural and expected but so much talking and debate in this issue has made the workers restless which resulted huge damage.  They opined that Policy makers should have been more careful in this case which may keep the situation better. Some factory owners also blamed BGMEA & BKMEA as they are also failed to take vigil action in this regard. Various sources informed that government is to set BDT 3000 as minimum wage. Now still to see reaction and impact of it after its declaration on 29th July amid the workers organizations demand for BDT 5000. Factory owners are worried as even the government is terming their decided amount to be way short of what it should be.

Salute to Dr. Maqsudul & His Team

Thanks to Dr. Maqsudul Alam and his group to bring such a pride and opportunity to us which is to revive our golden fibre sector. Inventing Jute’s genome sequencing definitely is going to improve our jute industry performance. Thanks to the government also for taking initiatives to up jute industries. Government has made jute mandatory in packaging. The farmers already have started to get the advantages as raw jute price has increased remarkably. Government’s initiative to support research is applauded by all. Dr. Maqsudul’s invention and government’s support to them will encourage our scientists to think about something in future. We hope that government will extend their help in future also. Bangladesh Textile Today greets Dr. Maqsudul Alam and his team for this historical invention.

Bangladesh Textile Today has launched the season of Textile Talent Hunt (TTH). TTH has brought out great opportunity for the textile garment and fashion designing graduate level students to asses and improve their potentialities and also to present them in the highest level. Competition and scope of knowledge exploration is creating a forum of talents from different universities and institutions. As per the policy and goal of Bangladesh Textile Today and Amin & Jahan Corporation, TTH 2010 is another step forward to build knowledge based textile garment community.

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