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Denim Industry Best Practices

A good day spent at Denim Expert Ltd.

Bangladesh denim sector is becoming a denim superpower all over the world. Locally we are producing about 435 million yards of denim fabric yearly which is around 50% of our demand.

Right now in Bangladesh, there are 31 denim factories operating with clients mostly from US and EU.

Denim Expert Ltd an expert in denim products
Figure 1: Denim Expert Ltd is an expert in denim products producing for both men and women.

Among 31 factories, Denim Expert Ltd (DEL) is one of the prominent and finest denim garments producers in Bangladesh founded in 2009.

Mostafiz Uddin, Managing Director of Denim Expert Ltd leading the organization from the front line. He is also locally and internationally known as ‘Denim Mostafiz’ for his passion and professionalism.interesting facts of Denim Experts Ltd

On 6 April 2019, Textile Today Team visited the Denim Expert Ltd factory at Karnaphuli EPZ, Chattogram. After the visit, it is understood why Denim Expert is an expert in denim!

Right now almost all the factories have similar technology, some are installing more automated machinery. But what distinguished Denim Experts is skilled and decent team. We have spent the whole day with Denim Expert production, marketing and compliance team at the factory.

They welcomed us warmly and showed the facilities. Sukanta Chowdhury, Manager of HR & Compliance gave us a nice presentation on Denim Expert journey, strength, contribution to country branding, etc. after the warm reception.

Production facilities

Denim Expert Limited is an ACCORD enlisted safe factory which has the latest technology machinery for the finest products and highly sophisticated wet and dry finishing facilities that I have mentioned earlier.

Raw fabric inspection to final garments packaging, all the processes are directed and ensured by the skilled employees.

The modern equipped laundry facility provides a fully comprehensive service to its customers. Garments are specifically developed to meet customer’s business model and pricing structure as well as aesthetic and performance requirements.

safe working condition in Denim Expert Ltd
Figure 2: Workers working at Denim Expert Ltd in a safe environment.

DEL’s garment manufacturing management is ensured by an ERP system.

In-house laboratory of DEL is well capable of performing almost any kind of physical and chemical tests such as pull tests, shade band tests, colorfastness, crinkle and others.

Research & Development

“I am a designer of denim products myself, and I do not copy and paste other’s designs,” said Mostafiz Uddin to a daily newspaper.

“I have a big design studio and I spend a lot of time and effort to produce new designs.”

Almost 30 experts working in DEL’s R&D team with the direction of Mostafiz Uddin. They develop 30 pieces samples for each brand especially for ZARA which is now a fast forwarding brand in the world market.

Denim Expert Ltd products
Figure 3: Such beautiful jeans are displayed at Denim Expert Ltd.

DEL has an impressive product gallery where they displayed some of their shipped goods in the last six months. Any denim lover will love to have these finest jeans.

Denim Expert does 90% business on their collection based and the other 10% is like others means to take a sample from the buyer and develop according to buyer requirements. This is not usual business format in the context of Bangladesh but DEL doing this successfully.

Mostafiz Uddin is a visionary person, said, “I have set up an independent business plan to avoid the hassle of middlemen. I sell my products directly to my customers.”

Branding is strength

Mostafiz Uddin took Denim Expert at a level by his unique and unparalleled branding strategy and activity.

You will find ‘Denim Mostafiz’ in every social media, social media platform. He also brought his company in every denim focused international platform like Kingpins.

Surprisingly, Mostafiz Uddin also made an international platform for the denim fabric and garments producers and buyers namely ‘Bangladesh Denim Expo’. The expo takes place twice a year. 10th edition of ‘Bangladesh Denim Expo’ will be held on 2-3rd May 2019.

These activities of Mostafiz Uddin also giving Bangladesh a positive image to the outer world.

Earlier, after completing his BBA and MBA from Madras University, India in 1998, he joined as a trainee officer with a monthly salary of $30 in a small foreign garment buying house in Chittagong.

His BlueXonly is the first international denim brand from Bangladesh. BlueXonly has its own warehouse in the Netherlands, from where the trousers are distributed to different boutiques in Europe.

Denim Expert Ltd R&D team
Figure 4: For each buyer monthly Denim Expert Ltd R&D team develops 30 pieces sample like these.

DEL produces 12,000 pieces of garments in a day and Mostafiz Uddin has a target to increase the capacity to 50,000 pieces within the next few years.

Denim Expert Limited’s laundry is the first of its kind in Bangladesh to recycle 60% of its water usage. Their custom-designed chemical effluent treatment plant (ETP) has been designed to recycle the wastewater before returning it to the earth.

They also have a large water reservoir with a capacity of 32 million gallons; the stored water is used for dyeing and washing of the denim products.

Denim Expert nourishes its employees. Facilities provided to the workers by DEL are-

  • Free transportation
  • Lunch allowance
  • Free medical facility
  • Insurance facility
  • Job opportunity for transgender and physically challenged people
  • Regular festival bonus etc.

DEL’s anti-harassment committee actively regulate the worker’s behavior and many other such activities makes the working environment safe for the women workers.

1900 skilled manpower works at Denim Experts and produces denim products worth 20 million USD yearly. The company exports to the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Turkey and its mother buyer is INDITEX.


Denim Expert Limited has always been committed to the safety of its employees whilst aspiring to the highest operational standards.

The company has certifications WRAP, SEDEX, BSCI and has been accredited ISO 9001:2008 (Quality and Management System) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System), with an in-house compliance management team.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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