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Government raises RMG workers’ minimum salary to Tk 8,000

The government of Bangladesh has raised the minimum wage of RMG workers to Tk 8,000 that is 51 percent higher than the current minimum wage Tk 5,300.

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State Minister for Labor and Employment Mujibul Haque Chunnu today on 13 September announced the new salary for garment workers after a meeting at his ministry office in Dhaka. Earlier, the minimum wage had been set on Dec 1, 2013.

Government raises RMG workers' minimum salary to Tk 8,000
Figure: Government raises RMG workers’ minimum salary to Tk 8,000.

“The new wage structure will come into effect from December,” the Minister informed.

Ministry of Labor and Employment formed the minimum wage board for the garment workers in January of this year to avert labor unrest.

Workers unions had been campaigning for a minimum wage of Tk 16,000, while garment owners had proposed an increase to Tk 6,360.

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Talking to Textile today, RMG leader and manufacturers expressed their satisfaction with the decision.  The industry is already facing several challenges in meeting the safety requirement, as well as the production cost, has increased.

The new minimum salary of apparel workers is a major pro-industry move that might bring the overall improvement in the work culture of the country’s largest manufacturing sector.

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