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Govt. clearance & supports will help Chemical Manufacturing Industry to grow

Aziz Group is a leading business house involved in support services for the textile industries. The group is of 1184 people working together for business excellence. The group includes basic chemical manufacturing factories ASM Chemical Industries Ltd., Tubingen Chemical BD Ltd. The group and RJM Corporation represent global leading companies like CHT-BEZEMA, Panta Rai, Ashland and M&R in Bangladesh. The group has ACC laboratory and portable equipments for water testing. It supplies basic chemicals, dyes and auxiliaries, ETP and water treatment chemicals etc. to the textile industries. To know more about their activities BTT meets their Director & CEO Mr. Z. A. Chowdhury.

Govt. clearance & supports will help Chemical Manufacturing Industry to grow.

… Z. A. Chowdhury, Director & CEO, Aziz Group

BTT: Please give us a brief of Aziz group’s business in textile garments.

Mr. Chowdhury: Aziz Group was established in 1965 & we entered the garments industry in 1982 under Aziz Super Garment. We are focusing more on our chemical business then our textile business. However chemical business is a part of vertical integration of textile industry.

BTT: Can you please briefly give us an idea about the size and pattern of the basic chemical market in Bangladesh?

Mr. Chowdhury: Basic Chemical industry in Bangladesh will be over 6000 crore per year including Caustic, H2O2 etc. Chemical Industry is always hazardous, however as we have skilled & educated management, our government can take steps to expand chemical industry.

BTT: What are the major issues you face in chemical manufacturing?

Mr. Chowdhury: All documentation, license, renewal port clearance should be very smooth to encourage entrepreneur to expand chemical manufacturing operation. Projects like PVC, Pu, Plastic and coal based syn gas can be given a priority as they already have an establish market. However, chemical manufacturer of this products require energy, coal, CNG etc. So, infrastructure and energy and specially Govt. clearance will help Chemical Manufacturing Industry to grow as well as make a positive impact in our economy.

BTT: What is the prospect of setting petro chemical industry here in Bangladesh? Do you have any plan of doing so?

Mr. Chowdhury: I know you will come to this question. So, I have answered it in your last question. My request to government kindly give skilled chemical companies like Bashundhara, Aziz Group, TK Group, PHP group, Opsonin group etc the platform by arranging energy & finance, we can give the country Petrochemical Industry within next five years. Chinese govt. take ownership in new mega plants 60/40 and if it is followed many chemical Industrialist can do the following projects: PVC, polyester Chips, Acrylic Resin, PEPP resin, Synthetic fiber for textile, Mono Ethylene Glycol etc.

BTT: You are working with Pante Rei Srl with ETP and water issues, how do you approach water pollution issues?

Mr. Chowdhury: Water pollution is a big problem. All of us must pay attention to environment. Treating waste should not be viewed as burden but as a cost to be integrated into production cost. We are representing Panta Rei in order to bring Italian Technology (biological plant) to our Bangladeshi Textile Factory owners. Today, technology for Red Zone textile water treatment is available and choosing right MBR, PFR, MBBR biological treatment solution to cater to need like treatment area, electricity consumption, lower operation & maintenance cost. Panta Rei has more than 20 running ETP plants.

BTT: How do you ensure the safety issues in the factory? Do you have any investment in Research and Development?

Mr. Chowdhury: We have Ex MD of CUFL to look after Safety and R&D efforts. Our plant is designed by SWISS Bertram & AKCC Japan keeping highest safety standard in mind.

BTT: As a whole how do see the growth of the textile industry?

Mr. Chowdhury: Textile Industry will definitely keep on growing due to our manpower strength. Textile industry has already placed a positive role changing the life style for better for so many people. Our country and future generation should be very much indebted to the benefit brought by textile industries. However, all of us need to focus on training the mid-management to keep this growth of textile industry. I am confident Bangladesh Textile Industry will be the number ONE in the Global Arena for sure. Of course, all of us need to work hard and continue to strive for producing Quality Product amidst harmony & economic stability & political stability & energy security.

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