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BUTEXian Undergraduate wins International Sustainability Marketing Competition

Habibur Rahman Anik, an Undergraduate student from the Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX) wins International Sustainability Marketing Competition. Habibur Rahman Anik won the grand prize of $3500 CAD Organized by Clean Recycling Initiative and sponsored by HEAT-MX.

Habibur Rahman Anik-Butex-International Sustainability Marketing Competition
Figure: Habibur Rahman Anik from BUTEX wins International Sustainability Marketing Competition.

Over 400 students from 70+ institutions across the world partook in this competition. Anik is now working as an Undergraduate Research Assistant at BUTEX.

Canada, Montreal-based non-profit organization, Clean Recycling Initiative™ earlier launched the environmentally focused marketing case competition for university students around the globe.

The competition’s purpose is to educate the public on the issues arising from textile waste and facilitate fresh and innovative ideas for promoting Clean Recycling Initiative™, the most sustainable technology platform in the global textile industry. The students will be challenged to devise effective ways of delivering messages according to the two competition segments.

Segment 1: Educate the public about the issues created by textile waste, specifically where the waste ends up after they are put in local blue bins, donation bins, etc. Target audience: Everyone around the globe (i.e., consumers of textile goods and creators of textile waste)!

Segment 2: Create a marketing campaign that promotes the technologies of CLEAN RECYCLING INITIATIVE™ for cleanly recycling process-waste from textile factories. Target audience: General public, Brands, Manufacturers, Retailers, Distributors and Transporters of any textile goods.

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