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HAMS Group inaugurates new high efficient knitting dyeing capacity

HAMS Group inaugurated its knitting and dyeing extension floor on 1st August. They have expanded their dyeing, finishing and knitting capacity. As with the addition, now the company will be able to produce 20 tons of fabric from knitting and 30 tons of fabric from the dyeing section.
people are sitting in ground in a dua milad program
Figure: Md. Shafiqur Rahman is giving his speech at HAMS’s dua & mahfil program for capacity expansion.

With this capacity increase, they will be able to produce 5 million pcs garments per month. The floor has installed four new dyeing machines, three finishing machines and twenty-four new knitting machines.

After the expansion 52 new manpower joined to run the production.

A group of people starting a knitting machine
Figure 1: Md Shafiqur Rahman was starting a knitting machine on the extended floor.
A group of people starting a dyeing machine
Figure 2: Inauguration of dyeing machine by Md. Shafiqur Rahman and others.

Md. Shafiqur Rahman, Managing Director of the company who is also the president of ITET, started his speech by thanking all of the contributors who helped in the expansion. Then he mentioned their hard decision in increasing their capacity after recovering from the covid-19 crisis. Also, he mentioned that the global market is not saturated and advised people to use resources wisely.

Building structure of green building project
Figure 3: Front view of Victoria Intimate Ltd.

HAMS Group also has a new unit named “Victoria Intimate Ltd”. Currently, it has 25 lines operational and 56 lines in its plan. This project has a collaboration with LEED Green. The operation started in 2021 shortly.

The HAMS Group has 3 different plants which produce both knit and woven items. Their woven capacity is around 2 million pcs/ month. Their buyers are H&M, M&S, Next, Kmart, Urban Classic and more.

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