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HAMS Group innovation on shrinkage control of variegated rib fabric: A millstone quality achieved specially for women wear

HAMS Group, a renowned knitwear manufacturing company in Bangladesh has been partnered with Textile Today’s ‘Setting Transformation Blueprint (STB)’ initiative with five exclusive innovation projects. Among these projects, the one which has been done on width-wide shrinkage & extension control in variegated rib knit fabrics made of cotton and elastane has shown a significant outcome for the industry.

Figure 1: Engr. Shafiqur Rahman, Managing Director, HAMS Group

Since its establishment in 1994, HAMS group has been a significant player in the textile market of Bangladesh with its knitting, dyeing, printing, embroidery, sewing, and washing facilities. Under the leadership of Engr. Shafiqur Rahman, Managing Director of HAMS Group the company setting many benchmarks in innovations. The company’s knitting and dyeing capacity 20 tons/day, wash 120,000 pieces/day, and its sewing capacity is 7 million pieces per month.

“From the beginning, Textile Today is working with HAMS Group hand-in-hand to bolster business by solving various issues, my special thanks to Tareq Amin his team for their great efforts,” Engr. Shafiqur Rahman said.

He also added that industry, academia, and media should work together for the betterment of the textile industry in Bangladesh. He also inspires other factories to work with such innovative projects of Textile Today.

Figure 2: Imtiaz Uddin Topu, General Manager (Fabrics), HAMS Group.

Imtiaz Uddin Topu, General Manager (Fabrics), HAMS Group, a visionary leader devised 5 projects to solve often faced by the factory. “As more than 70% of our products are women’s wear, for a better profit margin we are focusing on developing fancy items with our available basic raw materials and more variation on fabrics,” Imtiaz Uddin Topu said.

Among the 5 projects, the outcome of the project on width-wide shrinkage & extension control in variegated rib knit fabric was most significant. Imtiaz Ahmed Topu selected this topic with a focus to keep the aesthetic look of the women’s items made of rib knit fabrics after several washes and set the benchmark for the industry.

Every project executed by a team of 4 members which consists of an industry expert, an industry supervisor, an academic supervisor, and the Transformation Leader (TL). Each team worked to solve a particular problem of the textile industry.

Figure 3: Md. Reaz Uddin, Manager (Knitting), HAMS Group.

In this project the technical supervisor Md. Reaz Uddin, Manager (Knitting), HAMS Group, and the Transformation Leader (TL) of Textile Talent Hunt (TTH) 7th season finalist Md. Eakub Hossen Hridoy, a student of Sheikh Kamal Textile Engineering College worked extensively in the factory to find out a suitable method to control the width-wide shrinkage and extension percentage of variegated rib knit fabric made of cotton and elastane. This project has been selected for the TTH 7th season Grand Finale presentation.

Md. Reaz Uddin said that they brought change to fibre composition, fabric construction, and stitch length of the variegated rib knit to control width-wide shrinkage and extension percentage of the fabric. They have also applied the preshrunk process to the fabric and significant improvement in controlling the shrinkage and extension after wash. “Shrinkage percentage can be reduced significantly after blending cotton or viscose with synthetic fibres, like polyester,” Md. Reaz Uddin said.

“The use of finer count yarn reduced the shrinkage percentage from 25% to 14% during the project.” Md. Eakub Hossen Hridoy said. During the experiments in this project, they also considered other factors such as stitch length, GSM, fabric width as variables to observe changes to shrinkage percentage in proportion to change in these variables.

Figure 4: Md. Eakub Hossen Hridoy, student, Sheikh Kamal Textile Engineering College & TTH 7 participant.

Eakub thinks that applying all these previously mentioned 4 methods can provide the best performance in shrinkage control of variegated rib knitted fabric.

Though any sustainable process to control shrinkage percentage has not been found through this project, case-to-case study-based changes in variables and application of these 4 methods can help industries to control shrinkage of variegated rib knit fabric, Md. Reaz Uddin opined.

The journey of being at the Grand Finale of the 7th season of the Textile Talent Hunt competition is a great period of Eakub’s life. Since his selection as Transformation Leader in the Campus Day Competition, he has gone through a huge number of training and mentoring sessions which has enriched his knowledge, personality, and management skills. Learning project management strategies was the best among achievements from this journey for Md. Eakub Hossen Hridoy. He is also blessed to get the opportunity to have such intensive industry exposure on the eve of starting his career.

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