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“It is high time to equip yourself with latest technologies and move forward”

Manik Lal Chowdhury is a pioneering icon in Bangladesh textile and apparel industry with his versatile multidimensional role since the industry was born in this country. In the ’80s, he joined a well-known Japanese sewing machine & technology provider company’s local office. In his long career journey of more than 33 years, he has traveled to many countries around the world to be trained himself and gathering unparalleled experience in garments & textile machinery and technology.

Figure: Manik Lal Chowdhury, Managing Director of Eastman Technocrafts Ltd.

In 1996, Chowdhury started his own company named Eastman Technocrafts Ltd. intending to provide complete solutions in the apparel manufacturing process with the best technology.

As for the educational background, Chowdhury completed his B.Sc (Hons.), M.Sc in Mathematics from the University of Chittagong.

Recently he has shared his experience and industry overview with Textile Today. Here is a glimpse of the discussion.

Textile Today: As one of the leading technology providers for the textile and apparel industry in Bangladesh, how Eastman Technocrafts Ltd. is contributing to automate the industry?

Manik Lal Chowdhury: Eastman Technocrafts Ltd. provides a complete range of textile and apparel technology solutions from cutting to sewing, finishing, packing, inspection and all related processes by the world’s leading – premium branded manufacturers from Japan, USA, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Germany and China – technology.

For cutting room solutions, we are providing complete advanced technology from Italian brand Morgan which offering a complete automatic spreading and cutting solution which ensures customers around 93% of efficiency and increasing profits radically. With more and more challenges with squeezing profits and increasing production costs, this state-of-the-art solution gives better results in spreading and cutting of fabrics than any other available solutions present in the market.

For CAD (Computer-Aided Design), Eastman Technocrafts Ltd. offering the CAD-MD900 of Morgan. A modern, versatile, complete and easy to use, 360⁰ working system from A to Z that is working from the pattern digitizing, ensuring proper visual package with a digital camera, or creation of the pattern directly on the screen up to the marker launch for production, going through the pattern modification and adjusting, allowing proper size grading, measurements checks and technical sheets. Morgan Spreader making 100% fabric alignment side by side. Also, have a unique solution in Labelling to denote the pattern name by using Thermal Stickers which is less costly to put stickers on the top layer of the fabric.

For washing and finishing operations, we are providing the world’s leading technologies from BRONGO, an Italian branded automatic robust washing & dying machine with 6mm solid thickness of inner drum, made out of premium 316L grade stainless steel. BRONGO is the best in laundry productions because of its unique design of the bitters, super-efficient holes of the drum with only 2.0 cm Drum to Shell depth which ensuring the savings of water, chemical & process time of every batch compared to others.

the textile and apparel industry is moving fast after the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Industry 4.0 creates what has been called a “smart factory” And there is no alternative other than to adopt automation and up-gradation

With BRONGO, factories will require a minimal quantity of water with zero discharge, low liquor ratio, 40% less space, less chemical, fewer energy consumptions, minimum water consumptions, and needs 20% less time than any other similar class machines available in the market.

PFT is the only dependable high-quality sewing machine to use in the denim line. It saves Cost, Time with flexible & easy handling with superb production output and also thanks to its easy to source spare parts which are available in local markets. PFT ensures productivity with very high quality. PFT automatic pocket setting with double heads and double colors – the cold folding device, sewing device hardware parts are separated, and the software part is coordinated to improve the efficiency along with the quality output.

Eastman Technocrafts also offers PEGASUS, one of the best Chain Stitch industrial sewing machines which is saving 70% electricity along with the saving of time; KANSAI special sewing machine which is also Chain Stitch for special operations, BROTHER industrial sewing machine for lock stitch from Japan, cuTex Lebel Velcro Cutting machine from Taiwan, OSHIMA International Apparel Machinery – waste fire boiler, USA based Eastman Worldwide machinery, Svegea Band Cutting Machine of Sweden, HASHIMA Fusing Machine from Japan, NAOMOTO Vacuum Table for Electric Steam Iron Trouser Topper, Italy based MACTEC double conveyor dryer with automatic loader for trousers which saves 80% energy with 18,000 pieces trousers production a day, Macsa id is fully automatic double conveyor/CMT table ultra-fast laser machines for textile applications with advanced technology & software, TONGXIN brand machinery is one of the best brand side loading industrial washing machines with 30% energy saving dryers.

Textile Today: What are the recent innovations of Eastman Technocrafts Ltd. has brought for its valued customers? And how Eastman Technocrafts’s technologies are bringing sustainability and profit in terms of minimizing the process, time and cost of textile mills?

Manik Lal Chowdhury: As we know that technology in the textile and apparel industry is moving fast after the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Industry 4.0 creates what has been called a “smart factory” And there is no alternative other than to adopt automation and up-gradation, we always bring the latest solutions as our partners introducing those through their intensive and continuous research on technologies and trends. In every aspect, from cutting to finishing, we always offer the latest solutions for our valued customers.

For example, BRONGO introducing automatic NANO bubble technology for sustainable washing through B-Cloud systems along with revolutionary B-SAFE. B-SAFE is an automatic filtering system is using to prevent NANO bubbles to come out from the washing machines when the door of the washing machines needs to open during the processes. Without B-SAFE, the hazardous mist of NANO bubbles with chemicals can spread in the working environment and can go inside the human body during breathing. B-SAFE providing a better and safer working environment for the users. Thanking BRONGO for bringing this revolutionary SAFE Technology.

In the conveyor dryer, the MACTEC dryer saves up to 80% energy compared to normal rotary dryers. It is suitable for environmentally friendly eco greenwashing factories for mass productions. Besides, it helps to minimize the use of chemicals, controls fabric shrinkage, increases fastness and improves the cleanness of the garments.

BROTHER has the world’s first lock stitch sewing machine which adopts the Electronic Feed Control directly connected with the stepping motor which ensures fast and versatile productivity along with higher quality.

Textile Today: What are the prospects do you see for the Bangladesh textile and apparel industry?

Manik Lal Chowdhury: Adoption of new technology firmly depend on a textile entrepreneur’s mindset. Commonly the Bangladesh textile and apparel industry is worker-based. Switching for automation is a bit sluggish in the industry. Though Bangladesh apparel offers one of the topmost sustainable industries globally with most LEED Certified factories –the factories need to do more investment on full fledge automation to increase environmental sustainability and more profitability.

I see great prospects for our textile & apparel industry right now. A lot of the fashion buyers are moving out of China, meaning we have a lot of opportunities to grab. We have that capacity to accommodate any sort of RMG product.

At the same time, apparel orders are coming back slowly. So, I will say it is high time to equip yourself with the latest technologies and move forward.

Eastman Technocrafts Ltd. offering a total solution from cutting to packaging which in synchronizing with all technologies. Also ECO certification in technology where ‘O’ zero tolerance in any sector.

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