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HIJUP offering fashionable Muslim clothing in Indonesia

Muslim women outwear is not just showing their modesty but also presents their personality. HIJUP is the first Muslim e-commerce fashion in Indonesia, which sells a wide selection of fashionable Muslim clothing.

Figure 1: HIJUP offers unique designs and online experience.

HIJUP is a pioneering modest fashion store with an online mall concept with two main stakeholders: designers and customers. The designers can display and sell their collections while the customers can browse fashionable hijab, dresses, and accessories, then buy them online.

The idea behind HIJUP is as Muslim women are engaged in various activities making their time for shopping time limited on top of busy traffic, which is a common reality in Jakarta. And the market was also not equipped with the right type of available products and the value chain is also scattered with big brands dominating.

Diajeng Lestari, Founder of HIJUP in 2011 started from a small setup with 11 designers. To provide a not only fashionable modest wear but also a creating a complete halal value chain.

Diajeng Lestari Hijup
Figure 2: Diajeng Lestari, Founder of HIJUP.

Diajeng Lestari said, “The value chain itself has to be halal. Islamic clothes are not only about clothes but it is also about how we made it. So, we have to be very careful about how it can impact our environment.”

“The value chain not perfect for example, in the fashion industry factories and designers are there along with the market. The challenge is, factories serve the big brands. The designers can’t produce in mass scale like the factories. So, the immense challenge for me is dealing high cost and finding a way to make this value chain work in Indonesia,” Diajeng expressed.

For Lestari headscarf is a symbol of self-determination. There are 200 million Muslim women in Indonesia, and all are potential customers.

In the beginning, people were skeptical about hijab being worn fashionably also maintaining modesty. But Lestari – the mother of two – has captured the booming market with her exquisite design and strong and unique online marketing. She now plans to expand her business in the global market and specifically the EU.

Hijup team
Figure 3: Hijup team.

In the EU, Muslim women prefer thicker garments and muted color, Diajeng Lestari who has in this business for almost eight years is up to the task.

“This model of business has a lot of opportunities not only in Indonesia but also worldwide. Cause there’s 1.7 billion Muslim population, all of whom are potential customers.”

HIJUP offers rectangular headscarves, blouses, tunics, long dresses, trousers, mukena, and maternity clothes. HIJUP provides a variety of the latest hijab fashion collections from the best brands, including Dian Pelangi, Ria Miranda, Kami, ALLURA, Radwah, Covering Story, Zahra Signature, BR Shoes, and Una Style by Iki Kadin. You can find suitable fashion catalogs worn on various occasions.

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