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H&M joins Lee for a sustainable denim capsule collection

Swedish fashion apparel giant H&M has exposed another partnership with denim heritage label Lee. The two household names have teamed up for a sustainable denim collection that includes womenswear, menswear as well as kidswear, and will be releasing at the end of the month.

The capsule collection marks H&M’s first 100% recycled cotton jeans, and echos the Swedish label’s push for sustainability and innovation. The retailer will also share the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data on its website, which indicates the water, CO2 and energy impact of each denim garment from raw materials through the end of use.

Figure: The capsule collection marks H&M’s first 100% recycled cotton jeans. Courtesy: H&M

“The Lee and H&M collaboration clearly shows our efforts in making fashion sustainable and transparent. From the use of materials to water saving methods, we are pushing the boundaries and opening our doors for how you can design and produce denim garments. And we will also for the first time will share data indicating the water, C02 and energy impact of each denim garment during the production process,” said Pascal Brun, H&M’s Global Sustainability Manager about the collaboration.

The Lee and H&M collection will be available online and in store starting February 4.

To integrate women’s collection with Lee’s heritage denim designs for the H&M audience, the range has taken inspiration from archives, and authenticity is at the heart of the Lee and H&M collection. Integrating knowledge and passion when it comes to driving positive change in the apparel industry through commitment to sustainability that this partnership will explore the best possible ways to achieve their shared vision.

In producing circular denim garments, Lee and H&M took a holistic approach, looking at every stage of denim production starting with the fabric – including H&M’s first 100% recycled cotton jeans, made from 80% post-industrial waste and 20% post-consumer waste.

For both brands innovation is in our DNA, so we have relished the opportunity to bring these products to a new audience.

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