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H&M wants Bangladesh government to allow importing cut old fabric

023554H&M’s regional head Mr. Roger Hubert recently has urged that government should allow importing cut old fabric as if the brand can produce recycled yarn here in Bangladesh. Roger was sharing the concept of Circular Fashion in a seminar in Dhaka and asked the audience to ask their government to help opening this new era of fashion Bangladeshi factories. He explained that in linear fashion concept where people are disposing their garments after using. Every year USD 50-70 billion worth garment goods are being disposed somewhere putting great pressure on the environment, while circular fashion concept can help reducing this impact. That’s why H&M collects back used garments from its customers and send back those garments to producing countries to produce recycled garments. Roger informed that H&M is bringing 12000 tons of such used fabric to India every year and producing recycled yarn. Bangladeshi factories are not being able to enter in this business as the government doesn’t allow importing cut old fabric. If the government allows importing such fabric Bangladesh will be able to open a huge business era. 20% recycled yarn can easily be used producing many fashion products.

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