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How Apna Organics came to be known as a ‘legacy of quality’

Garment becomes a fashion item when it is adorned with various contemporary and trendy designs and colors. Which is why since the dawn of civilization textile dyes and chemicals played a pivotal role in this. On the other hand, in the modern era, the use of hazardous substances in textile dyes and chemicals have also drawn global attention.

Figure: Shivam Saraf, Director, Apna Organics Pvt Ltd.

As a result, the use of sustainable chemicals has taken over the spotlight in the textile dyes and chemicals industry.

Mumbai based Apna Organics Pvt Ltd holds this exclusive sustainable identity in the textile and apparel industry upholding its theme ‘A legacy of quality.’ The family-owned leading textile chemicals manufacturers – Apna Organics uphold sustainability as their core, passing from one generation to another – and ensure a certain standard of quality is maintained in all product ranges.

Also, to enforce this credibility in the industry – ISO certified Apna Organics products hold certifications from GOTs VERSION 6.0 (more than 100 products), Ø ZDHC LEVEL 3 (more than 100 products), OEKO-TEX®️ ECO PASSPORT (around 25 products), Higg Index (Apna Organics has been a pioneer – Higgs ID: 19621), SCIVERA, ToxFMD, AATCC, EIM, GreenScreen, REACH Certification by EU, Signatory Member UN Global Compact and many more sustainable initiatives.

The idea is to push the sustainable chemical manufacturing and usage of these products across the entire value chain.

Apna Organics also has a unique initiative called Green-TagTM. This Green-TagTM ensures that the garment or the fabric has complied with the best processes and the best chemicals. That signifies that all the Green-TagTM apparel is manufactured by using sustainably produced chemicals. The main aim is to make the consumer aware of what they are buying and thus make them make an informed decision.

Apna Organics intends to work with clients now and in the future having a presence in global, national and regional markets with valuable brand equities to which the Apna Organics Pvt Ltd would like to contribute.

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