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How BAYLA will work for Bangladesh apparel industry development

Bangladesh Apparel Youth Leaders Association (BAYLA) is a new association born out of the youth’s motivation and determination. It is a nonpolitical association solely comprising of youth leaders who come together to solve challenges of the industry with innovative approaches.

This body promises to research new innovations for the industry, bring in youth leaders together and discover new prospects for training, capacity building, and market expansion.

BAYLA started with over 30 members and growing. Leaders in the apparel industry under the age of 45 are eligible to be a part of the association. At BAYLA, the youth leaders believe that the apparel industry of Bangladesh has many more opportunities ahead and together a bigger goal can be achieved.

Recently textile today asked BAYLA Board of Directors regarding its future plan.

Abrar Hossain Sayem, President, BAYLA; Director of Sayem Group & Managing Director, Merchant Bay


What are the vision and mission of BAYLA for the apparel industry development?

Vision: To be the largest apparel industry network of young innovative leaders

Mission: Align the perspective of young leaders and bring innovation in the Bangladesh Apparel Industry to make it grow into new markets and opportunities.

How is BAYLA creating an effective communication platform for young entrepreneurs?

BAYLA’s objective is to run a youth-based association where members aged below 45 have a healthy platform to connect and unite. BAYLA appeals to the youth leaders and successors of the apparel industry, we operate by a 16-member board structure that are leading the organization in the right direction. The direction that benefits the apparel industry of Bangladesh.

For achieving this target, we interact with every new member joining BAYLA, we share all our vision, mission and goals internally, we will soon be setting up a BAYLA office, where members can come and work together and regularly, we will be having our general members meeting to align all BAYLA members and work unitedly.

What is/are the main focusing area of BAYLA right now?

Focusing on

  • Industry innovation
  • Growth pre-requisites
  • New market creation
  • Branding Bangladesh.

We will be the young perspective of the industry presenting a unified, innovative approach. For all of this, we prioritize research a lot and investing in a research wing of BAYLA.

Shahriar Ahmed – General Secretary, BAYLA; Managing Director of Indet Group


What role are you playing in BAYLA?

I am the General Secretary of BAYLA, responsible for keeping all communications about BAYLA activities internally and externally and playing a key role in strategic direction to work aligning all sectors of our apparel industry.

How you want to contribute more to the industry with BAYLA?

BAYLA promises to work for the whole apparel-related industry which includes forward and backward linkage sectors.

I come from the Accessories industry and being a director of BGAPMEA with years of experience, I will contribute to the overall industry development by bringing in my experience to BAYLA and making sure we can develop an integrated smooth supply chain and grow all of the sectors working for apparel export. It is time for us to work together.

Hasin Arman – Treasurer, BAYLA; Director of MB Knit Fashion Ltd.


What role are you playing in BAYLA?

I am serving as the Treasurer of BAYLA. Being the treasurer of this organization, I have to go through in summary, general financial oversight, funding, fundraising and sales, financial planning and budgeting, financial reporting, banking, bookkeeping and record keeping most importantly control of fixed assets.

Regardless of the role, I am trying to give my input in different fields of work.

I believe in quality work that can make an impact. So, I don’t think about my role while I am working, I just do things that I feel right for my organization.

How you want to contribute more to the industry with BAYLA?

This is the era when the second generation of this industry is taking over the business and these people are more adaptable to the current business environment, they got the guidance of their pioneers. BAYLA is the platform for this second generation, where they share knowledge, ideas and this is more important to collaborate or keeping the unity among the pack.

There are many areas to work on within our industry. If I say one by one, first it has to be changing the perspective about the industry nationally and internationally. It means more branding and PR.

Then fair price, floor price would be my second in line. After that, I am looking forward to negotiation skills, sustainability, and more priority on ethical buying practice, market exploration and expansion. These are some areas where I am trying to put my footprint. For the bright future of the Bangladesh RMG industry, we must look into these areas.

My dream is to see Bangladesh at the top of a great height where our name will be remembered for generation after generation for our contributions to the world and to fulfill that I will do whatever I can do within my power through BAYLA. Making sure we sustain the association healthily and strongly to keep giving quality work to the industry.

Sakib Ahmed – Senior Vice President, BAYLA; DMD of Broadway Group


What role are you playing in BAYLA?

Currently, I am playing the role of Senior Vice President of BAYLA and in the responsibility of overall management and strategic decision making of the organization, working closely with the President.

How you want to contribute more to the industry with BAYLA?

BAYLA has few core values. Like R&D, New market creation, innovation and technology, Training, Product diversification, etc. Each of these values are very essential for the growth of the industry.

For example, we do not have any robust R&D data for the industry. BAYLA intends to focus on industry R&D and we will publish and use these researches for the betterment of the industry. I would like to work closely with these core works that BAYLA has planned. Thus, will try to contribute as much as I can.

Rafee Mahmood–Vice President, BAYLA; Director of Mahmud Group


What role are you playing in BAYLA?

I am the Vice President of BAYLA and is overseeing several committees of work that we have distributed and working in the core strategic activities of BAYLA.

How you want to contribute more to the industry with BAYLA?

The industry needs more involvement of the youths I believe. We are going through a transition where we need all generations to work together for a unified mission.

Our industry needs to turn around from a traditional mindset to keep up with the global demands. We have to prepare ourselves so that we are always the preferred manufacturing destination over other competitive countries.

We need to incorporate technology but not at the cost of losing skilled manpower. We need to train our workers and mid-level management to be more aware of what changes the world is going through and make them adapt to new skills and technologies.

We need to be able to give a more diverse basket of products that Bangladesh can offer to global brands for a bigger share in the export market. Our entrepreneurs need to be more informed to be able to cater to the shifting demands of the global market.

We need our government to help with policies to help us have a better competitive advantage. We need to build affiliations and collaborations amongst countries, brands and manufacturers.

It is our responsibility to work for the future for the survival and sustainability of the industry. We need to brand Bangladesh to be the most preferred global manufacturing hub for apparel and textiles. Together with the involvement of all generations and stakeholders, I believe we can InshaAllah make things turn into reality.

Aqib Jafri Sharif – Additional Secretary, BAYLA; Director of Northern Tosrifa Group


What role are you playing in BAYLA?

Being the Additional Secretary of BAYLA, I have taken the responsibility of Members Affairs and Membership Committee (standing committee).

So, I am looking forward to introducing new members and to ensure better handling and build strong relationships between members and the association.

I keep the ability to take initiative and think creatively for the association besides handling all questions, information requests and complaints.

How do you want to contribute to the industry with BAYLA?

I joined my family business right after completing my Bachelor’s degree. In my initial days of joining, I took in-depth practical knowledge of every department in our company and worked very closely with all of them.

I believe this helped me to gain the confidence and trust of my employees. Being a young entrepreneur in this industry, I always had a different view towards every process and always managed smart and efficient ways to solve the problems. BAYLA is the perfect platform to share my works and knowledge so all companies in our industry can implement modern solutions.

Besides, I am also looking forward to working with image building of the sector, which is often shown negatively to the world despite all goods practices we prevail, including value-added products and justifying our prices to buyers will be part of the challenges. A core part of my contribution will be working together with all BAYLA members towards our unified mission.

I am optimistic about the future of our RMG sector and honestly believe more technological advancements and smart decision-making is our winning strategy in the long run.

Md. Jasim Uddin – Director, BAYLA; Managing Director of Anam Garments Ltd. & Texture BD


What role are you playing in BAYLA?

As a director of the board, currently, I am working on export enhancement through the new markets as well as preparing ideas for increasing our export value in our current traditional export markets.

How you want to contribute more to the industry with BAYLA?

We are working on setting up opportunities for each potential market to attract customers and promoting our Made in Bangladesh Label.

We will organize our design along with all members of BAYLA in a design studio concept where any buyer can visit and chose their styles. I am sure it will bring huge business to the industry and help to create the Banding Bangladesh label.

Our Plan to attend the international apparel Expo in Korea Republic, Chile, China, UAE and Russia to represent our industry and product development. We will work with that country’s Bangladeshi Embassy to get more access to potential customers.

I would say if we youth work together, Insha’Allah we can bring growth and do better to achieve our export goal.

Azfar Hassan – Director, BAYLA; Director Giant Group


What role are you playing in BAYLA?

I am a Director of BAYLA and have taken the responsibility of Industry partnership – Internal (standing committee) at BAYLA.

I would like to work closely with BGMEA with Branding Bangladesh and our industry around the globe.

How you want to contribute more to the industry with BAYLA?

It is very important to highlight the positive aspects of the industry and its green revolution to the global audience, to display the capacity, variety, diversity and innovation of the Bangladesh apparel industry to buyers.

Bangladesh has the largest number of Green factories in the world. We have to justify the cause for getting better prices. The price increase can come from value addition, and design innovation.

Some of our Manufacturers are already on this track but we have to make a coordinated effort with BGMEA and I think the young and energetic BAYLA team and the second-generation leaders can play a pivotal role here.

Abrar Alam Khan – Director, BAYLA; Director of Asrotex Group


What role are you playing in BAYLA?

I have been selected as the Director of External Partnership.

I will be looking after all sorts of collaborations with different industries to support the RMG industry through BAYLA.

How you want to contribute more to the industry with BAYLA?

BAYLA is born to solve the challenges of the industry. We promise an innovative approach for branding, research, new market expansion, training, capacity building, etc.

There is a lot to do for our beloved industry. There is no end. We are in such a state that any help is help.

As a Director of BAYLA, I will bring other Industries / Associations / Educational platforms, etc. both National and International to be BAYLA’s partner so that BAYLA can achieve the target taken.

I believe it is one of the tools to do so. One of the main objectives is Branding Bangladesh. We are one of the largest suppliers in the EU, America also in Asia but we are not being recognized the way it should be.

We target to spread positivity. Being partners with different industries, we will get different mindsets and perspectives. That will help us. In addition, there are CSR activities that we will be participating in in the RMG industry with the help of different Associations.

We will be participating in different fairs both local and international. All these collectively will help to reach our goal, which is to Brand Bangladesh Internationally.

Ehsan Haq – Director, BAYLA; Director of Knittex Industries Ltd.


What role are you playing in BAYLA?

My name is Ehsan Haq and I am a director at BAYLA presently heading International Relations.

How you want to contribute more to the industry with BAYLA?

I hope that through this role and the BAYLA network, I will be able to spread the message of Branding Bangladesh on the global apparel platform.

This involves building bridges with foreign delegates and associations and discussing how we can improve and implement new beneficial changes that will help ensure the sustainability of the Bangladesh RMG industry for the near future.

Ramize Khalid – Director, BAYLA; Director of Onus Group


What role are you playing in BAYLA?

At BAYLA, I am a Director, leading the committee on product diversification.

This committee will dive deeper into the constraints and hurdles that the industry faces moving forward, and propose innovative ways in which they can be overcome.

How you want to contribute more to the industry with BAYLA?

Our industry is at a tipping point and our over-reliance on a small basket of products, fibers, and export markets must be reduced.

As a manufacturer of Lingerie and Cashmere Sweaters myself, I am perfectly positioned to lead the necessary change to solve this pressing matter and help to diversify the industry’s portfolio of RMG exports.

These changes will enable us to remain competitive in the ever-changing and volatile post-pandemic fashion market and to continue on our brilliant growth trajectory.

Kazi Fahad – Director, BAYLA; Managing Director of Kazi Printing & Accessories Ltd.


What role are you playing in BAYLA?

I am assigned as Director of Social responsibility to look after the social responsibilities that we will be fulfilling in the industry through BAYLA.

“We cannot move forward leaving our society backward.”

This philosophy makes me realize that we have some responsibilities towards society and thus I will be trying my best to give the best to society through BAYLA.

How you want to contribute more to the industry with BAYLA?

Centering on innovation and branding, member connection and growth as well as capacity building and market growth, BAYLA has committed to consolidating the forward and backward linkage industries of the RMG.

As a young apparel leader of BAYLA, I believe that the vital changes that are needed we will more focus on that and plan them, frame them and implement them through a blend of experience and enthusiasm.

As a Director of BAYLA, I would work to contribute by aiming to increase the market potential of the garment industry through the development and diversification of the garment industry, by targeted research, capacity building through training, increasing productivity, carrying out the social responsibilities and creating new opportunities.

BAYLA was born to ensure the development of a backward and pioneering industry with the garment sector. My core contribution as mentioned will be to make sure that in a journey we give as much as we can back to the society and environment.

Lithe Mohiuddin – Director, BAYLA; Director of Lithe Group


What role are you playing in BAYLA?

As the Director of Public Relations and Branding, my job is to showcase all the combined efforts of BAYLA in an attempt to make a mark in the apparel sector in local and international media, such as on various television broadcasting, printed media such as magazines and newspapers, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

How you want to contribute more to the industry with BAYLA?

The board of BAYLA is working relentlessly to research and contribute to various relevant issues such as Innovation and Branding, New market creation, Capacity Building and Utilization and so on.

Only with the proper publication of such efforts, can this knowledge be shared and they will benefit the apparel manufacturers, buyers, and all other stakeholder groups.

I want to exhibit all that BAYLA is doing in all the aforementioned issues and more such as Women Empowerment and Social Responsibility to encourage the youth of the industry to step up and contribute to others to step up and encourage the youth of this industry.

Subael Sarwar – Director, BAYLA; Director of Penta Group Bangladesh


What role are you playing in BAYLA?

I am the Director and in charge of maintaining the administration of BAYLA. All the team members’ workings on research and under different offices are aligned.

Also, maintain the physical office work of BAYLA with a well-organized administration. I make sure for the smooth running of BAYLA day activities.

How you want to contribute more to the industry with BAYLA?

BAYLA is a non-political organization. My core interest would be to make sure no political interference is issued. Transparency will be maintained at all times to the organization and board of members.

BAYLA believes in teamwork with a positive attitude.  Circumstances will be discussed with proper communication maintaining full transparency keeping a positive attitude between members.

I would like to take the opportunity to work with BAYLA as a problem-solving and analytical platform. We will create an opportunity for the members of apparel industry to avoid unwanted circumstances by considering every possible aspect through research and development.

Zarin Rashid – Director, BAYLA; Director of TRZ Garments Industry Ltd.


What role are you playing in BAYLA?

I am a director of BAYLA and will be extensively handling the Research and Development side for BAYLA and anything that relates to it.

How you want to contribute more to the industry with BAYLA?

BAYLA will allow me to work with not only like-minded people but also my generation that will enable me to think on a much broader.

I want to contribute by bringing my expertise being a fashion designer and through research and development. I believe research to be the initial stage before any step is made. Let that be related to RMG or just in general.

Having a clear understanding backed up by data and stats is crucial these days. The development comes along with it once proper research is done.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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