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Huawei Partner Ecological Conference 2023 highlights efficacy of digital and renewable energy solutions

Leading global ICT solution and equipment provider, Huawei, has recently introduced four new inverters for industry stakeholders, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) partners in Bangladesh

Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Ltd has been operating in Bangladesh for 24 years. Huawei is transforming Bangladesh’s energy sector with clean power and enabling energy digitalization to drive energy revolution for a better, greener future of Bangladesh. With the motto, ‘Let the Sun Pay Your Bills,’ Huawei has recently arranged the ‘Huawei Partner Ecological Conference 2023’. The conference has highlighted the efficacy of digital power and the attendees have discussed the prospects of renewable energy solutions in Bangladesh.

Huawei Partner Ecological Conference 2023
Figure 1: All the partners of Huawei, industry leaders and Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Ltd posing at the conference.

Liang Weixing (Jack), managing director,Huawei South Asia Digital Power Business Department presented the different inverters for the Bangladesh market at the event.

For the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) market, Huawei has introduced SUN2000-100-KTL-M2, SUN2000-115-KTL-M2 and SUN2000-50-KTL-M3 model inverter. On the other hand, for the utility sector, Huawei introduced SUN2000-330KTL-H1 inverter.

Liang Weixing (Jack) said, “Industries in Bangladesh are suffering greatly as a result of the recent energy crisis. In such a situation, it is more crucial than ever to turn to alternative energy sources and concentrate on environmentally friendly energy solutions like solar panels to help the nation become green. For the Bangladesh market, in terms of renewable energy, solar and wind power have the most potential. Also, solar energy has a very bright prospect in Bangladesh.”

“In response to these problems, Huawei Fusion Solar will equip new-generation string inverters with intelligent management technologies to produce a completely digitalized smart PV solution. For the Bangladesh market, we are unveiling two top-notch inverter modules today. SUN2000-100KTL-M2 and SUN2000-115KTL-M2. Both are in line with Huawei’s years of innovation and digitalization,” he added.

“Our solutions make any PV power plant run more efficiently and through better intelligence, in addition, easy maintenance makes Huawei utility-scale PV power generation the best choice for Bangladesh.”

“Huawei is currently operating in more than 170+ countries and regions. Half of its employees are working in R&D. Bangladesh is the South Asian headquarter of Huawei. Now we have more than 530+ employees, 80% of them were hired locally and 65% of them are engineers,” Liang Weixing (Jack) added.

Liang-Weixing-Jack-Huawei Technologies-Bangladesh-Partner Ecological Conference 2023
Figure 2: Liang Weixing (Jack), Managing Director, Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited introduced two new model inverters.

In terms of safety, Liang Weixing (Jack) said, “As for rooftop solar, safety is the most important aspect of it as there are many cases of fire cases globally. We value people’s lives and properties – thus Huawei Technologies prioritizes rooftop solar safety. Huawei provides enhanced intelligence for PV systems through inverters and management systems, and has made the technology much safer.”

“We have developed an AI function that monitors and detects ‘arc faults’ to protect against sparks that could cause a fire: In less than 0.5 seconds, the system is shut down to protect the PV system from fire hazards – this makes our arc[1]fault circuit interrupters (AFCI) more than 2 seconds faster than the industry standard. We have brought this AFCI technology to the Bangladesh market to keep our solar solutions free of fire hazards.”

“As for the reply from the industry, we are getting great replies from them. Entrepreneurs ask us about the safety features of our solar solutions and we show them our latest technologies. Overall, we are getting a very good response from the business people,”

Md. Oliullah (Walid), Solution Manager, Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Ltd in his presentation said, “Huawei cares about the ecosystem, the development of society, and achieving carbon neutrality in Bangladesh. Huawei recently signed an MoU with BGMEA. BGMEA has set a goal to consume 30% less energy and produce at least 20% renewable energy by 2030.”

“Let’s talk about the two types of solar technologies, one is utility-scale PV power generation and another is solar rooftop projects. Huawei is providing string inverter solutions for solar rooftop projects. For utility-scale PV power generation projects, we are bringing the newest technologies to Bangladesh. Our main differences with other companies are we focus on data accuracy and maintain the system. Also we provide local spare parts support. The key benefits of our products are higher efficiency and higher range of voltage.”

“Huawei is not only a solution provider but also a business partner. Where there are Huawei Products, there is Huawei Service. Local warranty replacement and after-sales service support are always available,” Oliullah added.

“Our new products: SUN2000-100KTL-M2 and SUN2000-115KTL-M2 are compatible with higher power module, AFCI/Smart String Level Disconncetor (SSLD) supported. They have optimum design with 10 MPPTS (2 strings per MPPT). They provide high current input and high efficiency. Huawei 100KTL-M2 has 0.2% more efficiency than other companies.”

“SSLD can accurately detect the current signals of each string. When a fault is detected, the software transmit the switch-off signal to the DC switch, immediately trigger disconnection and alarm, which can reduce the fire risk of PV plant significantly.”

“The AFCI function involves the DC arc fault alarm. The SUN2000 has the AFCI alarm automatic clearance mechanism. If an alarm is triggered less than five times within 24 hours, the SUN2000 automatically clears the alarm. If the alarm is triggered five times or more within 24 hours, the SUN2000 locks for protection. You need to manually clear the alarm on the SUN2000, so that it can work properly. In less than 0.5 seconds, the system is shut down to protect the PV system from fire hazards – this makes our AFCI more than 2 seconds faster than the industry standard.”

Samiuz-Zaman Khan, Technical Solution Lead, Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Ltd. also added that Huawei’s String inverter is mainstream in utility scenario, Huawei takes 50.6% of string inverter market share.”

“Huawei has huge solar achievement with 210+ GW global application. One of the largest smart solar PV plants in BD is at Mymensing with a 50 MW (AC) capacity. It has an IP66 rating, so it provides high weather resistance. Also, it can save labor by remote smart I-V curve diagnosis,” he said.

Md. Tamzid Hossain, Business Development Executive, Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited emphasized on Huawei FusionSolar Residential Smart PV Solution.

“A major challenge for residential PV system is limited space. For a simple rooftop without shading, simple inverters are usually used. For complex rooftops with partial shading, inverters with full optimizer can be used to maximize the green power generation from solar and with module level monitoring features. Optimizing each module’s performance can increase energy yields by upto 30%,” Md. Tamzid Hossain concluded.

Currently, a number of EPC partners are working with Huawei. All the partners received recognition at the conference for their outstanding contribution to facilitating Bangladesh with digital power solutions where three companies were awarded for going the extra mile. Solar EPC Development Ltd. is one of the recipients of the award.

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