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Huntsman introduces HIGH IQ(R) Cool Comfort

Performance assurance program for textiles with advanced moisture management technology

Huntsman Textile Effects has extended its HIGH IQ® performance assurance program to help mills, brands and retailers meet consumer demand for garments with durable moisture management, says a recent press release.

Huntsman HIGH IQ(R) Cool Comfort

HIGH IQ® Cool Comfort performance program is built on the industry’s broadest and most advanced moisture management agents to deliver durable, long-lasting performance.

As consumers around the world adopt more active lifestyles and outdoor activities, the need for cool, dry and comfortable sports and athleisure wear is on an upward trend.

HIGH IQ® Cool Comfort performance program allows garments to breathe, while at the same time, transports moisture away from the body.

This ensures consumers can stay cool, dry and fresh throughout. The unique technology supports accelerated evaporation, ensuring garments dry quickly for long-lasting comfort.

“Today’s consumer seeks comfort and performance in their active lifestyle. With Huntsman’s HIGH IQ® Cool Comfort performance assurance program, we offer durable moisture management so your garment remains breathable, stays cool and attains the comfort of cotton,” said Lee Howarth, Global Marketing Manager, Huntsman Textile Effects.

“Unique quick-dry properties created by the natural microclimate of the garment help to reduce post-exercise chill, making the effects highly suitable for sports and active wear,” Lee added.

Only mills that meet Huntsman’s stringent requirements earn the right to use the HIGH IQ® performance assurance hang tags as point-of-sale product branding.

Updated hangtags and promotional materials are available to support mills and brands in communicating the benefits of the HIGH IQ® Cool Comfort performance assurance program.

The technology that drives the HIGH IQ® Cool Comfort program complies with the requirements of bluesign® for safe and sustainable textile production.

Furthermore, fabrics produced with HIGH IQ® Cool Comfort moisture management are suitable for STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified textile products.

The global leader in intelligent effects, Huntsman Textile Effects developed the HIGH IQ® global performance assurance program to help mills, brands and retailers produce high-performance textiles with built-in sun protection, freshness, friction protection and water repellence, in bright whites and color that lasts.

The program is based on innovative dyes and effects and unparalleled technical support and application know-how from Huntsman Textile Effects to help mills improve their productivity and competitiveness.

Other intelligent effects under HIGH IQ® include:  

  • HIGH IQ® Repel performance assurance program is designed to help mills, brands and retailers meet global demand for eco-friendly apparel with rain and stain protection. Combining innovative durable water repellent finishes with unparalleled technical expertise, the HIGH IQ® Repel program provides durable eco-friendly and sustainable protection for every performance need: everyday, outdoor and extreme adventures.
  • HIGH IQ® Lasting White performance assurance program delivers very high and brilliant whites on cellulosic fibers, combining our latest generation of well-known UVITEX® Fluorescent Whitening Agents. With environment-friendly fluorinated (C6) or non-fluorinated stain repel and release technologies, the fluorescent whitening agents used under the HIGH IQ® Lasting White program ensure garments keep looking new for longer.
  • HIGH IQ® Sun Protect performance assurance program provides an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of up to 50 and above, providing the highest level of protection for the lifetime of a garment. Tested against the highest industry standards, HIGH IQ® Sun Protect guards against damaging UV-A and UV-B rays to ensure maximum protection. It does not impair the natural aesthetics of the fabric, and prolonged exposure to sunlight and multiple laundering will not degrade the protection or fade the colors.
  • HIGH IQ® Lasting Color performance assurance program is powered by specially selected NOVACRON® dyes. Fabrics made using the HIGH IQ® Lasting Color program will not fade, and there is little risk of color staining on other garments during washing.
  • HIGH IQ® Lasting Color eco performance assurance program relies on Huntsman’s award-winning AVITERA® SE reactive dyes to reduce water and energy consumption by up to 50% compared to best-available technologies. Excellent washing-off performance shortens processing time and increases productivity.
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