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ICI Pakistan partners with Huntsman for high-quality textile dyes and chemicals

Huntsman Textile Effects and ICI Pakistan entered into a strategic collaboration in Singapore on 13 August 2018 under which ICI Pakistan will market and distribute Huntsman’s wide range of high-quality textile dyes, chemicals, digital inks and services in Pakistan.

Huntsman Textile Effects & ICI Pakistan entered into strategic collaboration
Figure: Huntsman Textile Effects and ICI Pakistan entered into a strategic collaboration on 13 August 2018. Pictured from left: Asif Jooma, CEO, ICI Pakistan Ltd; Chuck Hirsch, Vice President for Commercial and Technical Resources Huntsman Textile Effects; Arshaduddin Ahmed, Vice President Chemicals & Agri Sciences Business ICI Pakistan Ltd and Rohit Aggarwal, President for Textile Effects.

The collaboration will combine Huntsman Textile Effects’ global experience in downstream marketing, product innovation and product stewardship with ICI Pakistan’s extensive and well established local network of customers and suppliers, said an official statement.

The textile sector accounts for 57% of Pakistan’s exports and 40% of the industrial workforce, but rising costs and tougher global competition are becoming increasing challenges for the industry as a whole. Huntsman Textile Effects and ICI Pakistan through this alliance are fully committed to support the efforts of Pakistan’s Ministry of Textile to boost productivity and sustainability of the sector.

“Sharing a common vision of a stronger textile sector in Pakistan, Huntsman Textile Effects and ICI Pakistan are combining our resources to respond to this important market with greater speed, more flexibility and a higher standard of service. Together, we are in an even stronger position to support customers here and help them produce higher-value products from a cleaner and more modern supply chain,” said Chuck Hirsch, Vice President, Commercial and Technical Resources, Huntsman Textile Effects.

“ICI Pakistan’s commitment to health, safety, and environmental sustainability is the cornerstone of our operations, and in Huntsman Textile Effects we have found a partner who matches our dedication. As two customer-centric organizations with a passion for innovation, we are set to deliver enduring value for the textile sector by supporting local companies to capture global emerging opportunities,” said Arshaduddin Ahmed, Vice President Chemicals and Agri Sciences Business, ICI Pakistan Ltd.

A division of Huntsman Corporation (NYSE: HUN), Huntsman Textile Effects is a recognized global market leader and innovator in textile dyes and chemicals. It holds 800 enforceable patents and is a champion of sustainability in the industry.

On the other hand, ICI Pakistan Ltd is a Part of Yunus Brothers Group since 2012, ICI Pakistan has a diversified business portfolio and is a trusted brand in specialty chemicals, serving the textile, agriculture and construction sectors, among other areas.

Now Huntsman Textile Effects and ICI Pakistan want to go ahead jointly to grow Pakistan’s textile sector.

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