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ICTA 2015 to illustrate the way forward for growth and excellence

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After profound success of first two conferences of International Conference on Textile and Apparel (ICTA), now The Textile Institute Bangladesh Section (TIBS) joins hand with Bangladesh Textile Today to organize ‘The 3rd International Conference on Textile and Apparel, ICTA 2015’. ICTA is the first ever such conference which is contributing the sector in strategy making, reviewing the innovations and available technologies for a sustainable growth. The first ICTA was held in 2010 and second one held in 2012.


The premium trade body for exporting garment Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, BGMEA recently has set a target of exporting USD 50 billion per year by the 2021. In one of the seminars of recently concluded Apparel Summit 2014, that exposed the target of USD 50 billion by 50 years completion of Bangladesh, BGMEA president informed that the theme of Apparel Summit that is targeting USD 50 billion by 2021 is in fact an idea of Mr. Tofael Ahmed, MP, Minister, Ministry of Commerce, Government of Bangladesh. That means 50 billion in 50 years in fact GoB’s target that have been said by BGMEA. So, in Bangladesh perspective (the host country) it is to make sure an exponential growth. Many speakers echoed that Bangladesh should not look back rather should target China and gather more left out orders from them by achieving excellence in garment and textiles.

Picture: Shaheen Mona, Secretary, The Textile Institute, Bangladesh Section, ASM Tareq Amin, Editor & Publisher, Bangladesh Textile Today, Prof. Dr. Engr. Ayub Nabi Khan, Chairman, The Textile Institute Bangladesh Section, John T Smith, Chairman, International Events, The Textile Institute are seen during signing of the MoU for joint organization of ICTA.

And so, after several meetings between two organizers, The Textile Institute Bangladesh Section and Bangladesh Textile Today, the ICTA conference committee has decided to design the conference to discuss the way forward for the country. The committee has identified the theme of the conference as ‘Innovation for growth and excellence- textile and RMG’. While asked about the theme, Chairman of the The Textile Institute Bangladesh Section, Prof. Dr. Engr. Ayub Nabi Khan told, ‘Technical textiles to basic RMG production, innovations are to decide the future. Everybody is fighting for growth and excellence and it was clearly been seen in the past that who had built on innovation has achieved the most benefits.’ ICTA 2015 conference secretary Dr. Abbas Uddin Shiyak told, ‘To achieve sustainability you must keep growing. While you grow you have to achieve excellence in parallel. And then only real growth and real development would occur, sustainability will be a byproduct then.’

ICTA 2015 has been scheduled at the first week of September in 2015. The organizers have informed that the venue and other details will be declared soon. In a The Textile Institute meeting recently held in Paradise Garden hotel, a small brief on the conference has been given to the members. And president of TI local section, Prof. Dr. Ayub Nabi Kahn requested support and participation from the TI members and others to make upcoming conference successful.

‘Bangladesh’s key competitors of course has set their targets and working plans. When China is going through a transition expected to drop many textile and RMG exports in coming years, other textile and RMG producing countries are struggling to achieve the biggest part of the cake in their hand. On the other hand with revolving designs, fashion trend and trade mechanisms textile and RMG still offers opportunities for many developed countries. Hence recent techno trade movements urge for a refreshed look to set or review the strategies for the coming days.’, said ASM Tareq Amin, Editor and Publisher of Bangladesh Textile Today. Mr. Amin emphasized that importance of a dedicated international platform like ICTA has even increased now. Looking back to our successful inception of 1st and the 2nd one, we look forward to the great success of the 3rd one as well. He added.

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