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IDFL officially unveils another testing lab in Bangladesh

International Down and Feather Laboratory & Institute (IDFL), one of the world’s leading testing services companies –has officially launched another global laboratory in Bangladesh. In a grand opening ceremony held at a hotel on 2 August in Dhaka, they inaugurated the modern lab and testing institute. The lab and testing institute in Tejgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

IDFL is a third-party textile certification business that does lab testing, certifications, audits, research and development, training, inspections, consulting and many other related services to the textile industry.

IDFL– Founded in 1978– is the global leader in auditing and testing for filled textile products like outerwear and bedding like content/composition, species, thermal testing, and cleanliness of filling material, fill power, down proof and poly migrations tests.

Figure: IDFL has officially launched another global laboratory in Bangladesh.

IDFL already has offices in Salt Lake City, Switzerland, China, Taipei, Vietnam, Turkey, India, and Pakistan. And now they have opened their laboratory and institute in Bangladesh. IDFL Bangladesh provides inspection, audit, testing, and consulting services to clients across Bangladesh.

More than 200 professionals from Textile mills and certification bodies were present at the grand opening ceremony. IDFL Bangladesh highlighted its transparency, its value to the customers there. They have mentioned why they are unique. Also, they have handed over certificates to their apparel manufacturing clients.

Wilf Leiber, CEO of IDFL, started his speech by giving a glimpse of the history of IDFL and its growth. He also said about IDFL’s speedy service that is responsive to their clients whenever they need help.

James Moore, Vice President of IDFL Asia, stated about IDFL and its services. He has added that IDFL is different as it has two different areas of strength. One is super-fast service and another one is super fantastic service. The super-fast service has an integration of IDFL technical systems which helps the supply chain to become smoother. On the other hand, the super fantastic service meant the services that stop the unmet expectations of the clients.

Jeff Dirks, Commercial Officer of US Embassy, Dhaka, said, “The global supply chain has not yet recovered fully after the covid-19 pandemic. Shipping has become more expensive and more difficult. Also, inflation is hitting every economy, also in Bangladesh.”

He also mentioned to the manufacturers to work with value-added products like high-end jackets.

One of the most important services IDFL has been offering for over a year and throughout Covid is Supply Chain Audits/Certification programs like TE, GOTS, OBP and many others. IDFL is very interested in getting to know clients and working with them to provide the fastest, most efficient and reliable services in the area.

IDFL performs about 20,000 tests annually for retailer clients like IKEA, Adidas, Columbia, and various government departments for import and export and is a subcontractor for other third-party laboratories.

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