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Importance of Employer Branding: How companies can attract top talents?

It is vital that the company stretch its outreach, and one of the fastest ways is social media.

Abdullah Talha

Deputy Managing Director, Noman Group, Chief Operating Officer, Noman Terry Towels Mills Limited (NTTML)

Talents in the industry are becoming scarce. It is becoming challenging for companies to attract top talents. Talents are now concentrated within a few multinationals companies. Many of the local companies are unable to attract the talents because they are not using the right tools. We have branded our companies for attracting consumers for a long time, but it is now similarly essential to attract talents and employee.

Importance of Employer Branding
Figure: International and diverse marketing team of Noman Terry Towel Mills Ltd. posing for the Messe Home Textile Fair in Frankfurt 2018.

Mission and Vision

  1. The company has to establish their mission and vision. The cultural objective vastly depends on it. It is essential that the company begin the business with keeping these things in mind. However, it is possible for the vision and mission to change, as Samsung has become an electronic giant from a small local company trading text and groceries (Source: Samsung: A short history–The Mercury News). If a long-running company does not have the mission and vision, then the top management should take responsibility and create one.
  2. The cultural objective is fundamental, and many of the companies in Bangladesh do not have that. The cultural objective should be created in the beginning. However, if a long-running company does not have any cultural objectives, then it should sit down with the leadership and discuss the top three cultural attributes it wants to focus. Noman Group’s top three cultural goals are,
  • Result Oriented,
  • Order and Discipline
  • Growth, based on that the company should share the stories in the social media.

The company can choose people from their current team or company to post and share activities online.


It is vital that the company stretch its outreach, and one of the fastest ways is social media. Most of the companies do not use this, but we have to do this in this era of information and technology.

Companies should encourage employees to post their culture activities on social media such as Facebook, and LinkedIn. Companies must encourage them to join groups and enhance their online profile, like in LinkedIn. Ask them to share the top internal stories in the social media as much as possible. Tell the employees to expand their offline and online networks. Instruct them to upload all the business cards and information on cloud and use tools to always keep in touch.

Promote engagement

It is vital that the company put their fun activities out there. They can post fun events to celebrate success, promote team building with picnics and trips, and more. Make sure that the employees spread the positive word of mouth, and this will create a strong impression. The company can post stories with pictures and data is the second best way.

It is vital that the company stretch its outreach, and one of the fastest ways is social media. Most of the companies do not use this, but we have to do this in this era of information and technology.

The local companies such as textile and other manufacturers are going through a difficult transition. It is essential that the company take advantage of these tools and start generating a strong talent pool.

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The professional way to grow

The talents in the industry are not only motivated by money, but Noman Group research has also found a few ways to motivate employees.

  • Involvement: The Company needs to make sure that the employees in the company are involved in most of the decision making and work. The company has to give employees challenging projects and rotate their jobs regularly. They must be engaged fully in their work, and this is the best way to involve them.
  • Learning and Growth: The talented professional always want to grow, and the best way is to teach and coach them regularly. Training them in-house and from top schools, these are a few ways to do so.
  • Higher Purpose: It has been found that higher purpose plays a significant role in employee retention. Human as a species has developed to be a part of the community and help it; it is how we have been a part of a tribe or civilization in ancient times. If the company can treat its primary goals by assisting the universe, the employees will be highly motivated. It is how the NGO employees are motivated enough to travel to the poorest and riskiest areas in the world, to achieve the higher purpose.

All companies should start planning for Employer Branding across the board. The Human Resource department must put it on priority. Employer Branding is an extensive subject, and we should pursue it.

About the Author:

Abdullah M. Talha is an award-winning and a versatile entrepreneur, enterprise digital transformer, and industrialist.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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