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Importance and understanding of fashion trend for a merchandiser

It is a big advantage for a merchandiser to remain up-to-date on fashion trends as it helps him/her to influence customer and create more business opportunities.

The choice is independent in the mind of consumers for buying clothes changes frequently. As influenced by some external factors and by society. Fashion experts always give focus to find the fashion trend where a garment merchandiser try to depict the changes in the final product. Fashion marketing environment, which has a great influence on both the buying and merchandising team. Here the bridge of understanding between buyer and merchandiser can help soaring growth in the business.

Importance and understanding of Fashion trend for a  Merchandiser
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What is the fashion trend?

There are many influencing factors in the fashion trend which makes the fashion industry a fast-changing sector among the mass and particularly in the mind of a young generation. Mostly fashion trend depends on influential characters in movies, sports icons, high profile and prominent cities of the world. The four major current fashion capitals are acknowledged to be Paris, Milan, New York, and London, which are all major influencer on global fashion.

The way a merchandiser needs to understand the fashion trend?

The major four cities Paris, Milan, New York, and London that influences immensely in the change of fashion trend are all headquarters to the greatest fashion companies. So a big fashion company wants to understand the changes come in fashion so that they can, later on, display the same type of fashion products in stores. As the products to be made by a garment merchandiser, then this is most important for the merchandiser to understand the current fashion trend. Otherwise, he will be unable to meet the customer’s demand that really depends on the fashion trend.

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How to stay up-to-date on the fashion trend

  • Reading fashion journals and magazines.
  • Utilize online resources.
  • Attend professional events.
  • Look into fashion shows.
  • Understanding the changes in buying power.
  • Knowledge of new invention in technology, science, and
  • More communication with customers.
  • Closely working with fashion related people.
  • Convincing customer to visit and buy from top of merchandising concept and trends.
  • Frequent visit to expo on Machineries, Fabric, Chemical and trade fairs.
  • Monitor trends on social
  • Visit big-box retailers if possible.
  • Visit local fashion houses.

Advantages for a merchandiser to remain up-to-date on the fashion trend

Vital factors in changing fashion trend

It is a big advantage for a merchandiser to remain up-to-date on fashion trends as it helps him/her to influence customers. Customer may not be all the time concerned about the current trend rather he/she can be focusing on other factors that may not be good in the market for sale. If the merchandiser can forecast the most saleable product for up-coming trend then customers will be happy and plan to buy a product from him. The forecast can help the customer to pick the correct product for his market. The product also will be unique that can get a good price from the retailer.  Other advantages –

  • To inform customers about the ability of product range.
  • To be unique from any other business competitor.
  • To build a good business relationship with the customer.
  • To get a price
  • Create more business opportunity.

Understanding trendy product development

For good product marketing – development and investment on presentation of the product can play a big role in business growth. Presentation on most recent fashion trend influences a buyer to place an order. Merchandiser can arrange a range of quality fabric and lucrative style for focusing on the ongoing trend. The collaboration between the merchandiser and his designer really important in this regard. He also needs to stay up to date from the technical experts.

It is a big advantage for a merchandiser to remain up-to-date on fashion trends as it helps him/her to influence customers.

Merchandiser is not a fashion designer

There is a big problem for a garment merchandiser that he is not a fashion designer so he may not all the time understand the fashion trends. Sometime fashion designer may not consider cost involvement for a product. So a silent conflict always exists between merchandise and his fashion designer. The easy way to solve the problem is proper coordination with his designer and keep focusing on product development. The merchandiser has to emphasize the right cost that can be effective for good market price.

Merchandiser, no time for extra work

Generally, the merchandiser can be overloaded with the present workflow, so there is not much time for him to remain updated with the fashion trend. Which leads most of the garment merchandisers to feel working on fashion trend is an extra work and solely focusing on the task on his desk only. But for a good and efficient merchandiser, this extra work can make him extraordinary in the industry.


Buyers and merchandisers have had to adapt to the continuous changes in the fashion-marketing environment, which includes difficult economic factors, the speed of fast fashion, the growth of e-commerce, and unpredictable consumer behavior. So, the relationship and areas of collaboration between a buyer and merchandiser are vital to keep the focus on the fashion trend.

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