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Impress-Newtex focuses on top quality printing

Printing is a versatile and most significant part of the textile arena. Nowadays 55-60% orders are placed by buyers on print. In the case of print technology, screen and AOP (rotary, flat bed) is known for all. But recently digital AOP is spreading a craze among textile millers although its cost is a bit higher. It is said that printing is a complex process as there is no way to recover if any wrong step is done. Printing brings a new dimension and attractive appearance to the fashion.

Figure 1: Skilled workforce and world-class printing machinery are being used here to ensure the quality of printed attires.

Country’s many investors come forward to invest in the printing sector and Impress-Newtex Composite Textiles Ltd (INCTL) is one of them. INCTL has started its printing journey since 2014. Right now, their screen-printing capacity is 1.5 lakh pcs/day.

All over printing capacity is 12-14 ton/day which is under installation process. But screen printing will be 4.5 lakh pcs and AOP will be 15-20 ton/day within the next two years.

Quality assurance

Quality is the key to the success of Impress-Newtex. A skilled workforce and world-class printing machinery are being used here to ensure the quality of printed attires.
M&R (4 pcs) and KTK (3pcs) are installed to provide the best manufacturing.

Impress Newtex Composite Textiles Ltd
Figure 2: Quality is the key to the success of Impress-Newtex.

They produce a multi-technological print at a time and especially glitter, puff, photo print, vinyl, emboss, burn out are done along with the conventional process. They use Jimmer (flat bed) and Reggiani (rotary) for AOP and they have a plan to use digital print in the near future. Raw materials are the key factors in printing where grade changes now and then. As printing is the most sensitive process, that’s why to secure quality the full process needs to be supervised especially.

They mainly use European branded chemicals and some are from Malaysia and Turkey. Silkflex, CHT, Inkuin are best printing chemicals in the world which are being applied in the printing house since inception. A good printing paste is mainly responsible for good printing effect. Each and every printing chemical go through the standard fundamental quality testing process before it is used in the bulk process. 479 workers and staff are working in a printing house and R&D team has a strong chemistry background.

“Our printing management gives the highest importance on purchasing and using right and quality dyes, chemicals to manufacture better goods.

Md. Anwar Hossen Khan, Manager, Printing

“Our printing management gives the highest importance on purchasing and using right and quality dyes, chemicals to manufacture better goods,” said Md. Anwar Hossen Khan, Manager of Printing.

Research and development

Impress-Newtex is little bit different comparing with other Bangladeshi Suppliers. They have own design studio at Milan, Italy. All the designers from Europe.

Impress Newtex products R&D
Figure 3: 70% of designs are chosen by buyers which are developed by Impress-Newtex.

They have chosen Milan because it is one of the most important fashion capitals in the world. The city’s contemporary international atmosphere coexists with long living tradition in fashion.

Being in Europe also allows them to work efficiently with their clients and to provide with the right support and it creates an opportunity to get a concept of all types of recent trends in design around the world.

Apart from that, for having the best outcome, they have another two R&D teams (Fabric & Product) based in Dhaka.

This company is currently working with H&M, C&A, Best Seller, Target Australia, Kaufland, Lidl, Primark, Zara, Cotton On, Celio, Brand machine, etc. and are making kids & ladies items more.

Md. Anwar Hossen Khan, Manager (Printing) of Impress-Newtex Composite Textiles Ltd said, “Printing is such a place where we can convince buyers easily & which can’t be possible from other sites. We emphasize on maintaining strong quality to satisfy our customers. Our strength is our variety of products, quality & accuracy.”

“Buyers willingly accept our eye-catching products and appreciate us continuously for new innovation. Moreover, now we are getting a better price than before,” he added.

                         Table: Basic information about Impress-Newtex printing
Existing daily capacity 1.5 lakh pcs/day (screen print) & 12-14 ton/day (AOP) (production will be started within one month)
Future expansion 4.5 lakh pcs/day & 15-20 ton/day (within next two years)
Machinery M&R (4 pcs) (6-12 heads, 8-16 plates)
KTK (3pcs) (12-16 heads, 14-42 plates)
Jimmer (flat bed) (1 pcs) 10 colorsReggiani (rotary) (2 pcs) 12 colors
Future plan 30 screen print m/cs (within two years)
Printing table 12
ETP 3 m3/hour (for screen print), AOP ETP is under process to make

Printing fashion

The taste of fashion lovers has been changed with time and this phenomenon has touched the printing world too. Due to the growing demand for all over printing along with screen printing, Impress has recently invested in AOP track. But, AOP design is used more to make ladies and kids items. Especially the R&D team monitors the global demand for the next 3 years and then the product is being developed accordingly. Nowadays slogan, theme or writing based print works are done mostly as a trend, informed Mr. Anwar.

Impress Newtex R&D
Figure 4: Impress Newtex produces unique designs with global customers taste in mind.

Sustainability, environment footsteps and appreciation

Protecting the environment is not just a trend; it has been a part of the company’s strategy since day one. In this case, they always give the highest priority.
They have an effective chemical ETP plant with a current capacity of 3 m3/hour and fulfill all the code of conduct requirements of the clients. ETP runs 24 hours to maintain the company’s strict commitment. Another ETP is under building process only for AOP purpose. This printing house uses non-hazardous, azo-free chemicals with superior formula.

Impress Newtex Composite Textiles quality
Figure 5: Impress-Newtex provides a clean, safe and healthy environment, adopt fair labor practices, reward workers with wages without any discrimination.

The company follows ethical employment practices and adheres to National and International laws on labor employment.

Impress-Newtex provides a clean, safe and healthy environment, adopt fair labor practices, reward them with wages without any discrimination and they do not interfere in their freedom of association and personal freedom. The company has an on-site day care center for the workers’ infants/children. There is a plan to harvest rainwater and make roof-top gardening.

For better customer satisfaction, this company has achieved ‘silver supplier’ award from H&M and the best ‘strategic supplier’ award from C&A. C&A make more profit one million USD then their exiting by selling Impress’s print products in the year 2017. Silk flex has already recognized by giving a special ‘sustainability award’ to this company for their stunning works. Recently they achieve ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

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