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Indian Chitkara University develops 3D printing face shield

Chitkara University, an Indian Panjab based private university has developed a lightweight, robust, and uniquely designed face shield using 3D printing technology.

The university has decided to distribute 100 of them free of cost among them 25 shields have been distributed and the response has been positive and users are feeling very comfortable wearing it, especially for long periods of time.

The head can be adjusted comfortably on the forehead according to different head sizes without the need for elastic strings. Pasting soft nitrile foam on the forehead mount ensures comfort when worn for a long time. The unique support structure at the bottom makes the shield more robust and strong.

This face shield is easy to store and sanitize and very light weighted, weighing less than 40 grams using flexible, strong, and harmless thermoplastic material. Also, the clear transparent monofilm provides good visibility.

Chitkara University has designed, developed, and manufactured the face shield in association with New Generation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell (NewGen IEDC). This uniquely designed face shield has also been registered in the Indian Patent Office for industrial design.

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