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Industrial Engineer’s applied techniques needed for sustainable RMG growth

Readymade garments (RMG) is one of the great prospects for the Bangladesh economy in exporting.  It contributes 83.4% in the total export (source: EPB), apart from generating employment to the tune of 4.4 million. We have to grow on the outcomes of a multitude of internal and external factors which can determine the competitiveness and performance of the sector.

Industrial Engineer’s applied techniques RMG

According to this view, we have to bring a forecast about the possible applied techniques and practical implementation of how to use them in a particular situation should also be detected.

The most necessary implementation in the apparel industry has to be applied in reducing cost and improving work efficiency in this competitive era.

The effective use of machines, materials, energy, and information and most importantly the human resources have to be utilized properly in the production process. Industrial Engineering optimizes these complex processes. It deals with integrating the social, mathematical and physical aspects of production systems.

“The most necessary implementation in apparel industry has to be applied in reducing cost and improve work efficiency in this competitive era. So this is the most important role which should contribute in profitable current policy is the most competitive side of Industrial Engineering.”

There is a huge number of techniques and tools have been practiced in industrial engineering. Manufacturing and production giants, as well as services and non-profitable organizations, are using these techniques. These techniques are followed by some intensive strategy by which we can take initiative:


Forecasting is the process of estimating the future demand in terms of the quantity, timing, quality and location for the desired products and service.

Actually, it is an inference of what is likely to happen in the future based on past data. The good forecast should be accurate, reliable, timely easy to understand and cost effective and can be range from the simple to extremely complex.

Scopes and benefit

Some renowned industries are using forecasting techniques predicting future productions. Managing inventory effectively could save a huge amount of money, time and space. The production is generally based on raw material which works in progress product and finished product.

So the availability of raw materials is a vital issue for the company. A company’s order quantity, number of orders per year, length of order cycle, the total amount of cost of raw materials, etc. directly depends on inventory and stock amount.


Scheduling is the process of deciding how to allocate resources between varieties of a possible task. It pertains to establishing both timing and use of resources in an organization.

Under operation function (both manufacturing and services) scheduling relates to the use of equipment and facilities, human activities and receipt of materials. Time can be specified or floating as part of a sequence of events.

Scheduling establishes the timing of the use of equipment facilities and human activities in an organization or factory.

Supply chain management

The supply chain is the network of organizations that involves through upstream and downstream linkages, for different processes and activities that reduce value in the form of products and services and the hands of the ultimate consumer.

At the end of the sales and purchase cycle comes billing and payments. You may have an accountant in your business. You should transfer information properly at the right time. So proper initiative roles should be organized properly.

This responsibility should be facilitated in the process of the review of the shift in charge and supervise every month according to the production manager order. So, this is a minor responsibility which should be in charge of the role of Industrial Engineers for the garments industry.

Apparel Industrial engineers are needed for showing their skills and attitudes for an ‘Executive as a Leader’ to maintain the following three areas to be focused:

combination of work Industrial Engineer’s responsibility

Due to an increase of higher productivity, the apparel industrial engineers have to take the following pre-planned decisions successfully:

  • Sewing operators transfer between the operations.
  • Assigning off standard tasks.
  • Overtime planning
  • Take the decision to reject the defective product.
  • Take the decisions to take disciplinary actions against employees.
  • Recommendation choice for dismissals.

To lead the co-employees towards ‘Team Spirit’, apparel industrial engineers can make a suitable platform and can transform into the growth of the garments industry. So, this segment is very important for new textile fresh graduates.

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