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Innovate or die: TMAS at ITMA 2019

A focus on customer service, aligned with the drive to constantly innovate, has long ensured that the member companies of TMAS – the Swedish textile machinery manufacturers’ association – stay well ahead of the curve.

At ITMA 2019, the Textile Machinery Association of Sweden (TMAS), will focus on innovation and customer service, says a recent PR.

“All of the Swedish textile machinery companies are doing really well in major markets such as Europe, China, India and the USA,” says TMAS Secretary General Therese Premler-Andersson.

Textile Machinery Association of Sweden, ITMA 2019
Figure 1: Some of the TMAS innovations to be introduced at ITMA 2019 (clockwise from top left) – Texo AB wide-width weaving technology, Baldwin’s new TexCoat G4, the latest bias cutting system for technical textiles from Svegea, Eton’s advanced material handling solutions, the Eltex EYE yarn fault detection system on a synthetic grass line, and robotic handling from ACG Kinng.

“They are now gathering forces to prepare for the most important show – ITMA 2019 in Barcelona in June. I expect to see new players and partnerships as we enter the industry 4.0 era for real,” Therese further added.

“We are ready to display an even higher degree of the real-time monitoring of processes, automation, flexible customization, and the incorporation of robots into production lines.  Our customers expect a lot of in terms of knowledge and our ability to customize and offer turnkey solutions,” she informed.


ACG Gruppen company moving rapidly forward with new innovations in this area is ACG Kinna, which at ITMA 2019 will be providing dramatic live demonstrations of its new robotic pillow filling system.

This has the ability to fill and finish some 3,840 pillows per eight-hour shift, which is a considerable improvement on what is currently possible with existing systems, resulting in significant savings in both labor and energy for busy home textile businesses.

“There has been much talk about the potential of Industry 4.0 enabled by advanced software, but I believe we are at the forefront of pioneering it in the textile industry,” says ACG Kinna CEO Christian Moore.

“The use of robotics is now standard across many industries dealing in solid goods, but the handling of soft materials such as textiles is a little more complex. Nevertheless, we have already begun commercial shipments of our new system and we believe it will make a real splash at ITMA 2019,” Moore added.

Therese Premler-Andersson, TMAS
Figure 2: TMAS Secretary General Therese Premler-Andersson.

“Successful Swedish brands such as IKEA and H&M ensure that we are constantly on our toes and this latest technological breakthrough from ACG Kinna Automatic is a good example of how Industry 4.0 is helping our companies to further develop their products,” adds TMAS Secretary General Therese Premler-Andersson.

At ITMA 2019, Eton will be demonstrating a complete material handling solution with advanced software providing real-time information covering every aspect of the process.

“Our systems are a natural fit with the major Industry 4.0 networked manufacturing plants that are now being constructed worldwide for sectors such as the garment and home textiles manufacturing and automotive industries,” says Eton’s Sales and Commercial Director Roger Ryrlén.


Advanced senor developments are playing a large part in moving many areas of the textile industry forward too.

Eltex of Sweden, for example, is achieving considerable success with its yarn fault detection and tension monitoring systems across a range of sectors, including the tufting of carpets, the creeling of woven materials and even the production of woven reinforcements for the composites industry.

“Unlike scanning inspection systems, we are monitoring each individual yarn position in real time,” says Eltex managing director Brian Hicks.

Hicks further injected, “As a consequence, we have concentrated on the further miniaturization of our sensors, as will be demonstrated at ITMA 2019.”

At successive ITMA shows, IRO AB has also consistently introduced new milestones in the field of yarn feeding technology for weaving machines, and ITMA 2019 will be no exception.

“Following significant investment in our R&D capabilities, we have been making great progress in further boosting the efficiency and performance of our expanding X3 range,” says IRO AB Managing Director and Chairman of TMAS Mikael Äremann.

Members of the Textile Machinery Association of Sweden at ITMA 2019:
ACG Kinna Automatic AB        H3 D239 kinnaautomatic.com
Baldwin Technology  AB         H2 A204 baldwintech.com
Eltex of Sweden AB                 H4 B102 eltex.se
ES Automatex Solution AB      H3 C250 automatex.com
Eton Systems AB                     H2 A214 etonsystems.com
IRO AB                                     H4 A206b iroab.com
Svegea of Sweden AB             H3 D250 svegea.se
Texo AB                                   H5 A101 texo.se

Resource savings

ITMA 2019 will meanwhile see the launch of TexCoat G4 – the next generation of Baldwin Technology’s non-contact precision application system for fabric finishing. The TexCoat G4 enables a continuously high-quality and productive textile finishing process with zero chemistry waste and minimizing water and energy consumption.

The non-contact spray technology brings a range of advantages including single or double-sided application,  the elimination of Foulard bath contamination, low wet pick-up levels leading to the elimination of drying steps, zero chemistry waste in changeovers of chemistry, colour or fabric, and the possibility of batch reporting, visibility of pad loading, chemical usage etc.

Other TMAS companies exhibiting in Barcelona include Texo AB, whose wide-width weaving looms make the belts for machines on which half of the world’s paper is made, ES-Automatex, which specializes in bespoke automation concepts and Svegea, a company leading the field in a number colarette machines and cutting and slitting equipment.

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