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Innovation gets momentum through Textile Talent Hunt competition

Innovation outcomes of Textile Talent Hunt (TTH)’s 7th season revealed after 2-year long transformation journey in its grand finale program held on 30 March 2022

Textile Today organized the Grand Finale of Textile Talent Hunt (TTH)’s 7th season presented by Team Group and powered by Dysin Group on 30th March (Wednesday), 2022 at AG Conference Hall, Dhaka where top 5 Transformation Leaders showcased their innovation outcomes set for the transformation of the textile and apparel industry.

TTH 7th season—presented by Team Group and powered by Dysin Group—shall surely contribute to bridging the gap between industry and academy which will bring more innovative solutions to existing challenges of the textile and apparel industry–a core objective of Textile Today Innovation Hub.

Figure 1: Textile Talent Hunt (TTH)’s 7th season top 5 Transformation Leaders with the guests.

Textile Talent Hunt (TTH) is an initiative of Textile Today–the first ever talent grooming competition for undergrad students studying textile garments and fashion in different universities.

The program’s focus is to prepare future leaders who will be able to adopt the latest developments coming constantly in the industry. In this regard, Textile Today has been working to change the thinking and learning process of the textile-garment degree level graduate students through Textile Talent Hunt events since 2008.

Tareq Amin, Founder & CEO, Textile Today said, “Textile Talent Hunt in its previous season was affluent to get right talents for the industry and in the 7th season with the new model we put our best effort to discover right talents which will help them to be transforming leaders for the sector.”

“TTH will contribute to closing the gap between industry and academia,” he added.

In the Grand Finale, the top 5 talents (selected from 1214 contestants) showcased their innovative projects and will be awarded as per the judgment of the TTH judges’ panel.

Md. Sadman Sakib from the Bangladesh University of Textiles presented on ‘Implementation of IoT with RFID based tracking system in the garment production process’; Tanvir Hossain from Bangladesh University of Textiles presented on ‘Developing jute-cotton blend yarn with mélange effect to increase quality of yarn & reduce cost in Rotor spinning’; Md Tanvir Hossain from the Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology presented on ‘Development of electrospun nanofibrous facemask from recycled PET bottle using Electrospinning technique’;  Mushfiq Ahmed from Textile Engineering College, Zorargonj, Chittagong presented on ‘A Critical Review: Production & Purification Process of Acetic Acid from the Sustainable Sources’ and Md Eakub Hossen Hridoy from Sheikh Kamal Textile Engineering College presented on ‘Standardize the widthwise shrinkage and extension recovery in variegated rib with knitted fabrics of 100% cotton with elastane’.

Figure 2: TTH 7th season champion Md. Sadman Sakib receiving the 100,000TK prize money.

Md. Sadman Sakib became the champion and received prize money of 100,000TK. Md. Tanvir Hossain, BUTEX bagged the 1st runner-up position and received prize money of 75000TK where Md. Tanvir Hossain, DUET became 2nd runner up and received prize money of 50000TK; Mushfiq became 3rd runner up and received prize money of 40000TK and Md. Eakub Hossen Hridoy grabbed the 4th runner-up position and received a prize money of 30000TK.

Professor Md. Abul Kashem, Vice-Chancellor, Bangladesh University of Textiles was present in the Grand Finale program as chief guest where Faruque Hassan President, Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA); Mohammad Hatem, Executive President, Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA) and Engr. Shafiqur Rahman, President, Institution of Textile Engineers and Technologists (ITET) were present as the special guests.

Rajibul Huq Chowdhury Managing Director, Aziz Group and Hasib Uddin, Chairman, APS Group attended as ‘guests of honor’.

Abdullah Hil Rakib, Director, BGMEA and Managing Director, TEAM Group was present there as the Chairman.

From the judges’ panel, Prof. Dr. Eng. Ayub Nabi Khan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology, Chairman, Judges Panel was present.

Also, valued partners of TTH competition Md. Amanur Rahman, Managing Director, Dysin Group; Syed Mohammad Ismail, Country Head, Archroma Bangladesh Ltd; Biswajit Banik, Sr. Country Manager, Nicca Chemical Co. Ltd; Eng. A.S.M Hafizur Rahman Nixon, Executive Director at RH Corporation; Iqbal Rizvi, Managing Director, Sameet Dye-Chem Ltd and Palash Sakal Founder & CEO, Powerplay Communications attended the program. Besides more than 300 prominent industry leaders, TTH alumni, university teachers, media persons attended the program.

Figure 3: Faruque Hassan, President, BGMEA stressed BGMEA’s commitment to prioritizing innovation.

Faruque Hassan, President, BGMEA, “Innovation will be key to progress for the RMG industry in the coming years where industry-academia collaboration can play a vital role in meeting the need.”

“Innovation and technologies are increasingly being integrated into the fashion industry to meet the consumers’ changing appetite for diverse fashionable products in a shorter period of time. In such context, the pursuit of innovation has become more important than ever,” he said.

“And Textile Talent Hunt (TTH) always reminds and shows us the synchronized way between academia and industry collaboration and drive innovation from it. Similarly, BGMEA is also really focusing and prioritizing innovation. And BGMEA is opening an innovation center in its Uttara premises from next month. This innovation and design center will help diversify the apparel export basket.”

“To enhance our branding Bangladesh globally – BGMEA has taken a decision that by January 2023 all the RMG products exporting from Bangladesh tags will have written ‘‘বাংলাদেশে তৈরী’’ in Bangla.”

“Not to mention that Bangladesh will host the international apparel federation (IAF)’s 37th edition of the World Fashion Convention global fashion expo in November. There we will highlight our industry innovations.”

Abdullah Hil Rakib, Director, BGMEA & Managing Director, TEAM Group said, “Bangladesh textile and apparel industry is at a critical crossroad. Where innovation is the key to the way forward for the industry. Likewise, as BGMEA President described that BGMEA’s innovation center is an extended version of the Textile Talent Hunt (TTH).”

“I am really proud and honored to lead this innovation center. Just like TTH – all the related stakeholders need to come forward and support this.”

Figure 4: Abdullah Hil Rakib, Director, BGMEA & Managing Director, TEAM Group highlighted innovation is the key to the way forward for the industry.

“If we can create and implement innovation opportunities like TTH, then it is very much possible to build self-reliance like textile machinery manufacturing – as said by APS Group Chairman, Hasib Uddin.”

Professor Md. Abul Kashem Vice-Chancellor, BUTEX said, “If Ph.D. and Doctorate degrees do not practically assist the industry in making it better then these degrees are of less value.”

“Whereas, in this TTH event, students did research in solving practical textile industry problems. This culture is sowing the seed of innovation among the students. And it needs to continue to a greater aspect.”

This time TTH looked for Transformation Leaders (TLs) from each university—around 30 institutions participated—through leadership training, audition and aptitude test. More than 1200 students joined ‘8 Campus Day Competition’ from different universities/institutions all around the country and around 100 TLs were selected from them through the ‘Practically Tested Transformation Model’ (PTTM) for the national level competitions. Those 100 TLs were trained, groomed and tagged with more than 30 companies to develop their ‘Practically Tested Transformation Model’.

About Taka 50 lacs transformation fund was used to test 100 ideas practically by 100 ‘Transformation Teams.’ Each ‘Transformation Team’ was comprised of 1 transformation leader, 1 industry mentor/expert, 1 project supervisor from the industry and additionally 1 project supervisor from that university. More than 150 experts from industry and academy were directly involved to guide the 100 TLs practically and theoretically.

Those ‘Transformation Teams’ worked with more than 30 textile and apparel companies to address several vital issues set the ‘Transformation Blueprints’ to overcome the challenges and cater to future opportunities.

Through examining their submitted 71 innovation projects—of them 45 projects are completed and 24 projects are published—25 top projects were selected and those 25 projects leaders got a chance to defend their project in a program organized at Team Group premises. TTH judges’ panel selected the top 5 Transformation Leaders among the 25 projects leaders.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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