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Installing a new generation gas generator could save $170,000 yearly!

Resources are limited but the needs are endless. This is also true for the industries that get energy from gas or electricity to continue their production. Many industries use gas-powered generator to meet their electricity demand. These generators require natural gas which is limited and each unit of it adds an extra cost of production.

Figure: Using a new gas generator with significant efficiency can save the squandering natural resource and also reduce the extra burden of cost. Courtesy: Collected

And, when a factory uses an old gas generator whose efficiency has declined significantly, the cost of energy for it becomes squandering. Operating this inefficient old generator imposes an extra burden of cost on production which ultimately minimizes the profit margin of a product.

Using a new gas generator with significant efficiency can save the squandering natural resource and also reduce the extra burden of cost.

But what about the cost of a new generator? Is it viable to make that big investment in a new generator to save the tiny amount of squandering gas?

Abdullah Talha, CIP, Managing Director at Noman Group showed in a calculation that how the saving can be done.

For those people who has the reluctance to invest in a newer and more efficient gas generator, let us see an example:

Suppose you have an old gas engines series 2-3, which produces 1kw from 0.35-0.40 cubic meters of gas, and a new gas generator produces 1kw from 0.25-0.27 cubic meters of gas.

In this case, for the newer ones, you can save around 0.08 cubic meters of gas to generate 1 KW electricity. If the price of gas is 15 tk per cubic meter, to generate 1.5MW of electricity for 340 days in a year, you can save around BDT 14,688,000 or USD 170,000 according to the bellow calculation for the new generator.

0.08 cubic meter of gas x 24 hrs x 340 days a year x 1500 KW (1.5MW) x 15 tk per cubic = BDT 14,688,000/- (USD 170,000).

You are saving this amount only from gas consumption let alone the selvage value of the old generator.

A new gas generator should not cost more than USD 280,000 (BDT 23,800,000) in Bangladesh. Therefore, it will take only 1.6 years to get the payback of the investment where businesses use a generator for 10-15 years at a minimum.

So, an extra 14.7 crore can also be saved in the next 10 years after the new investment to buy a new gas generator.

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