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How the intelligent Truetzschler Card TC 19i improving quality and productivity of Badsha Textiles Ltd?

Badsha Textiles Ltd., a world-class yarn manufacturer of grey fabrics and leading textile conglomerate in Bangladesh has a turnover of $258 million. This company has always tried to equip itself with state-of-the-art machinery and technology to produce carded yarn (knitted), slub/ fancy yarn, core yarn, ring denim and open-end yarn which are its main products.

Figure 1: The intelligent Truetzschler Card TC 19i.

In order to continue the legacy of their quality yarn spinning, Badsha Textiles Ltd. chose Truetzschler, a German machinery industry company’s latest development of carding machine- TC 19i.

In 2019, they first imported this machine and within this short period of time they have experienced great advantages. To know more about the machine and the experience with it,

Textile Today has recently talked with Herbert Mehl, Country Manager (Bangladesh and Vietnam), Truetzschler, also visited Badsha Textiles Ltd and met Md. Mashiur Rahman, General Manager to know about their carding line.

Textile Today: Tell us something about the intelligent Truetzschler Card TC 19i.

Herbert Mehl: Over the years we have developed a great team in Bangladesh to assist our customers. We provide customers with wire management, troubleshooting, customer training and all the technical supports.

The new carding machine Truetzschler Card TC 19i is an absolutely wonderful machine for the spinners as it is unbelievably economical and give them the right benefit.

One of the exclusive features of the new machine is an automatic waste collection, which will minimize the cost of waste collection and only the right fibers will get into the carding machine. No good fibers will be lost in the licker-in. Truetzschler Doffer Suctionhood is designed to catch the flies on the doffer resulting in reducing 50% yarn cut thus minimizing waste.

One of another wonderful features is Gap Optimizer T-GO: Maintaining An optimal and precise carding gap even under changing production conditions. And the Gap Optimizer T-GO process is fully automatic and it takes only 10 seconds.

Nep Control is another feature to be mentioned. Nep Control ensures permanent nep level control in carding web and transfer of monitoring data of multiple cards for easier and faster cleaning. Truetzschler has developed the new MAGNOTOP 3 system together with Truetzschler Card Clothing.

MAGNOTOP 3 eliminates the need for a flats workshop and prolongs the service life by one grinding cycle. Another revolutionary include is the automatic fast flat setting system where everything will be done automatically.

For the operator, the most important instruments for controlling the TC 19i are:

  • Multi-touchscreen
  • LED remote display
  • RFDI sensor for identification

The operator can read the operating status of the machines at a glance from the T-LED remote display over large distances.

Textile Today: How is Truetzschler Card TC 19i improving quality and productivity of your factory?

Md. Mashiur Rahman: In the arena of carding, Truetzschler’s latest development- TC 19i is a fantastic machine. Those who are doing ring spinning with Trutzschler have unparallel production to others as it has some striking features.

The gap between cylinder and flat is very crucial for maintaining quality. Before using TC 19i, the gap was optimized manually by skilled hands after dismantling the machine. But now it is done using software efficiently and precisely. In conventional machines, the minimum gap which we could get was 3 thou (thousandth of an inch).

Figure 2: Md. Mashiur Rahman, General Manager, Badsha Textiles Ltd.

Now it is possible to get 1 thou in TC 19i which is a great step forward. The advantage of quality adjustment in a running carding machine was quite unimaginable before. But in TC 19i it can be done effortlessly. In terms of productivity, we can increase the production per kg without less hassle compared to the previous versions where we had to consider several factors.

Now we don’t need to stop the machine for maintaining the quality which helps us to save time and as a result we have reached higher productivity.

Textile Today: Can you please share the advantages you are getting after using Truetzschler card TC 19i?

Md. Mashiur Rahman: When the wastage goes to licker-in, many good fibers also goes with it. This loss is not always possible to control. But Truetzschler has equipped such a technology that senses the good fibers and plays the knife setting automatically.

Thus, the fiber loss tendency has been decreased. In the doffer side, they have developed neps control sensor which is not available in other carding machines. If any industry doesn’t have USTER or AFIS, they can easily check and guess their output quality.

How web comes, how much Neps, seed coat, fly are in the web can be monitored here. Thus, it can produce quality sliver. For their development in the doffer side, the short card has been decreased from 30-50 percent which has a great impact in the output quality.

Textile Today: How does Truetzschler support you while facing any difficulties to operate their machine?

Md. Mashiur Rahman: They come and take care of their products routinely. Their product and service both are outstanding.

Figure 3: Badsha Textiles Ltd. choose Truetzschler Card TC 19i.

Textile Today: What makes TC 19i different from others?

Md. Mashiur Rahman: The difference between other machines and Truetzschler are very big in terms of blow room and carding. Truetzschler is gradually gaining their place in the factories.

Textile Today: Do you recommend TC 19i for other spinners in Bangladesh?

Md. Mashiur Rahman: Of course. The ones who want to make quality product, Truetzschler Card TC 19i is for them. It’s also recommended for higher production. For instance, our machine line capacity is 1000 kg/hr, we are running 1200-1300 kg/hr without compromising the quality.

Textile Today: Do you have plan to order more TC 19i in recent future?

Md. Mashiur Rahman: Yes, after a meeting with our MD, we have already decided to buy 12 more TC 19i in near future. We hope this will benefit us more in terms of quality and production.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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